‘Battleborn’ : Going Back To The Battle School With Oscar Mike’s Story Op

Oscar Mike.jpg

The 19th of January 2017 is a big day for Battleborn. The Winter Update is dropping, Beatrix is arriving and now the third Story Operation is ready to test our combat prowess. We are going back to school with our ever present clone companion – Oscar Mike. For those of you unfamiliar with how Story Operations work I shall elaborate. These shorter missions are a series of ultra replayable adventures that delve more specifically into the problems of individual Battleborn. There are ten differing chapters that each add a little bit more to the story and as you continue to replay the mission, the rewards get better and the difficulty gets higher. They are also a lot of fun.

Today during another Twitch stream, Gearbox revealed the third Story Operation to hit Battleborn, entitled ‘Oscar Mike Vs The Battle School, in which we explore the culture and civilisation of the Mike society after the events of the Heliophage. Oscar Mike is still not welcome on Planet Mike, due to his exiled status remaining in effect but he demands to attempt to win back his place by exercising his right to trial by elaborate obstacle course. This training arena is set inside a repurposed UPR facility that is used as a cloning facility for other Mikes, as well as a boot camp for the newly formed Galadhrim soldiers.

Within the stream, it was revealed that while the narrative within each Story Operation changes with each subsequent playthrough, in Oscar Mike Vs the Battle School, the training arena is also altered, presenting new features, enemies to fight and even different shapes of the arena itself. This will further add to its replayabilty and general funness. Plus we will get to see the different and hilarious personalities of a few different Mikes, plus an appearance by our favourite chef, Whiskey Foxtrot.


Battleborn Loot.png

Battleborn is all about loot! From skins to taunts to titles, the Oscar Mike Story Operation will have it all. Each character will have two possible skins to earn, plus Oscar Mike will have a very unique taunt to acquire if you play the latest operation as him (trust me you want this). One of the skins you can acquire present a black and bronze coloration with red highlights in strategic places. It looks epic.

Also I don’t want to spoil anything but in the stream it was stated that in each Story Operation there are Borderlands Easter Eggs. Yep your eye-holes aren’t deceiving you, Borderlands Easter Eggs are present in the game (one in each story op). They are not obvious and not easy to find but Randy Varnell, the Creative Director of Battleborn has confirmed it. Get hunting!

Well thats about it, ‘Oscar Mike Vs the Battle School’ is arriving on January 19th 2017. Get ready, you will be tested.

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