Dishonored 2

‘Dishonored 2’ Update Brings Forth Mission Replayability And Custom Settings

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If you were a fan of the first Dishonored you most likely would have run into the feature that allowed you to replay any and all missions that you had already completed. This allowed you to go back and hunt for additional collectibles, experiment with different take downs and just cause mayhem.

Well lucky for all you Dishonored 2 players, Bethesda, on their website, has just outlined that the second update coming for the game will allow for mission replay. This will be an absolute godsend for many players that were disappointed in the lack of the feature at the launch of Dishonored 2. This new feature will allow players to clean up any and all collectible runes and bone charms they have not found yet, as well as discovering special hidden secrets, without having to start a completely new playthrough.

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Now here is where it gets really exciting ladies and gentlemen. Update 2, as outlined by Bethesda, will also feature custom game settings where you can fine tune the mechanics of Dishonored 2 to fit your playstyle perfectly, or even to give yourself a bit of a challenge.

These settings will be enabled through sliders, ergo you can find the absolute perfect balance for your Emily or your Corvo. There will be more than 20 differing sliders than affect the way the game will react to your presence, from how quickly enemies will detect you when you lean out of cover, and how long it takes sleep darts to work after being fired.

Onto the real challenge. You have heard of Ghost mode and you’ve heard of Clean Hands but now for the real Dishonored 2 challenge seekers, there is Iron Mode. This toggleable mode prevents any manual saving or loading as well as adding in permadeath. This means that once you die, you die. Permanently. Playthrough over. In the words of Lead Designer Dinga Bakaba, “You will have to live with the consequences of your actions, or die permanently because of them”.

The second update for Dishonored 2 is coming to Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC on January 23rd. For all the assassins out there, go Iron or go home.

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