Mass Effect Andromeda

‘Mass Effect Andromeda’ : Goodbye Normandy, Hello Tempest!

Tempest MEA.png

The latest training brief of the Andromeda Initiative has come through, exploring the new modes of transportation for the Pathfinder and his crew – namely the Tempest and the Nomad. This brief is delivered to you by an individual named Callow Jath (I took a shot at his name not sure if that is how you spell it), who happens to be the pilot of the Tempest.

Board The Tempest

Now the Tempest is not designed to be a hard hitting combat ship not even having a single main gun. But it is light, it is fast and it is capable of traveling 13 lightyears in a single day which is optimal for all the adventuring you will be undertaking as Pathfinder.


The Tempest will act as a temporary home in between missions and while en route to new and exciting planets. It comes complete with crew quarters for our new found Andromedan allies, a galley, a medbay, meeting room, armory (which is the real exciting one) and an RnD department.


The area of the ship that houses RnD is probably one of the most important areas onboard the Tempest. Why is that I hear you ask? Because it is a central hub for upgrading the Nomad, weapons and armour that you find and build. Not only that but in the RnD department you are able to experiment on discovered samples to find out any practical uses, as well as being able to sort through acquired intel.


Alright now we get to the good stuff. Lets get some mood lighting going because the Pathfinder also has their very own quarters and it is a lot better than what Shephard got to use. In the brief we learn that the Pathfinder’s room is off limits to all other crew members…unless they were invited. This seems to suggest that it is very possible to romance your fellow crew members while on board the Tempest which is just delightful!

The Nomad : No Terrain Left Unexplored


As cool as the Tempest is, it cannot go everywhere, but all is not lost as in the cargo bay of the aforementioned ship is the Nomad. The Nomad is an all terrain vehicle featuring twin hydrogen-oxygen fuel cells, an element zero core and independent suspension for each wheel.

When they say all terrain, they really mean it, the Nomad being equipped with a rear boost to make traveling those long distances a bit easier, as well as making a quick getaway when something rather unsettling appears. It is also stock standard with helium-3 microclusters underneath the vehicle that are capable of blasting you clear of any ground based obstacles. The Nomad is everywhere.


The Nomad is also amazingly customisable, from the paint jobs which can be altered when venturing into differing environments to the potential for four and six wheel drive. On top of this upgrades can be divvied out for the thrusters, shields, shield blasts, radar and life support systems.


The final feature of the Nomad is its ability to scour the surface of Andromedan planets for rare and valuable resources and materials. Once a resource is discovered, the Nomad can deploy a mining drone (above) that will dig down and extract it out of the ground. At this point the resources can be taken back to the Tempest for analysis and quite possibly used for different types of upgrades. There is most likely going to be a carry limit as to how much of a given resource can be transported at a time, but hopefully it is an unbelievably high number.

Mass Effect Andromeda will be coming out later in 2017 and when it does come we will be getting some awesome new space vehicles! I strongly recommend that all readers sign up for the Andromeda Initiative if you haven’t already. If you complete all your training you get an exclusive in-game reward that is too good to pass up.

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