‘Skyrim’ Modwatch : Nithhogg Dragon


We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you another edition of Skyrim Modwatch, this time focusing on a staple creature of the Elder Scrolls Universe. The mod entitled, Nithhogg Dragon, adds new two conjurable dragons that derive their form and their origins from Norse mythology. This is a cool one for Dragon-lovers, mythology lovers and lovers of awesome looking beasties.

First off, this mod can be accessed relatively quickly assuming you are placing most of your level up points towards boosting your Magicka. It is only an Apprentice level Conjuration spell (or I should say spells) as the creator of the mod did not wish to alienate too many people with a higher entry level.


Alright lets get right to it. The spellbooks to summon the dragons, called ‘Summon Nidhogg’ and ‘Summon Nidhogg Odr’, can be found right in front of the Gildergreen tree in Whiterun. Easily in plain view. Now the reason for this placement, besides being a really convenient location, is that the Gildergreen bears some resemblance to Yggdrasil, the world tree from Norse mythology. Furthering this, Nidhogg is the dragon that chews on the roots of that very same tree. This mod is awesome looking and is educational. How about that!


As you could have probably figured out by now, there are two different dragons that can be summoned, being Nidhogg (first picture) and Nidhogg Odr (above). The former utilises frost attacks while the latter is more proficient with fire based combat. Now these dragons don’t just look amazing but they are the perfect companion, able to be summoned without a drastic cost to your Magicka and quite formidable in a fight.

They will also follow you without hesitation, until the spell wears off or they are finally brought down by some other ungodly beast of the wild. Yep, forget about personal space because these dragons are going to be right on top of you…kind of like a scaly bomb shelter…that breathes fire/frost.

Well there you have it Dragonborn, another couple of dragons to add to the myriad of scaly creatures we already have conquered in Skyrim. With Nidhogg and Nidhogg Odr at your back there will definitely be no Ragnarok.


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