‘Overwatch’ Is Going To Be Playing Host To A Chinese New Year Event

Overwatch Year Of The Rooster.jpg

Unless you have been living under a rock or been locked within some kind of military Bastion (yes that was a joke!), you would have heard of Overwatch. While the core gameplay does allow a lot of replayability and is actually quite enjoyable, Blizzard has released a steady stream of events that introduce new game modes and of course, new skins.

The latest event, has been dubbed the Year of the Rooster and follows the theme of Chinese New Year (obviously) and will most likely feature a few new game modes and of course new skins. As long as there is a good one for Reaper, this event will be fine. It will go live on the 25th of January and does not have a disclosed end date, but will presumably run for around a week or two.

However not much is known about the intricacies of this event, the only information known, being released in a short 11 second video on the official Overwatch Twitter account (@PlayOverwatch), where we are treated to a glimpse of Mei in a variant of traditional Chinese attire (above). This is most likely going to be one of the skins and it looks awesome!

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 9.26.34 pm.png

Thats not all fellow Overwatch fans. Also revealed on the official Korean Overwatch Twitter account the above image that features D.Va and her mech in traditional Chinese clothing/armour. It looks simply stunning and lets face it, is going to make a lot of non-D.Va players want to play her.

This Year of the Rooster event is coming to North America and Europe on the 24th of January and to Australia on the 25th of January. Mark your online calendars, this is not an event you will want to miss.

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