Sublevel Zero

‘Sublevel Zero Redux’: Space Invaders Meets Tron In This Amazing New Shooter

Sublevel Zero Redux is a 6 degree of freedom shooter created by SIGTRAP Games wherein you take control of a solo pilot (it’s always a solo individual), in a powerful customisable, quite futuristic gunship, and delve deep underground to explore lost ruins and ancient technology.

Now I should back up just a hair and explain exactly what a 6 degree of freedom shooter is. That term refers to the uninhibited control of a rigid object in a 3D realm. That means, Sublevel Zero Redux will allow you to explore everywhere. If it is present in the game, it will be explorable.


This new game, is designed with modern technology, to have a classic retro feel and look to it, while still utilising much of the contemporary crafting and shoot and loot features of todays games. The retro feel comes from its video ancestors, such as 1996’s Descent and 1998’s Forsaken. As such the game has a charming appeal to it that plays on the nostalgia of a simpler time, one where complicated game mechanics did not thrive and instead we just get to shoot stuff in a kaleidoscope of seizure inducing colours.


While you are exploring the underground environments, from mining caverns, to abandoned industrial sites, you will come across an array of tough enemies that will attempt to murder you unrelentingly. Thats where the crafting system comes in. As you continue on your dangerous journey, you will be able to collect salvage and loot from the destroyed wreckage of your foes. These will allow you to upgrade your ships weaponry and customise your loadout to adapt to your playstyle.

In the release trailer, there were a variety of laser based weapons, from cannons, blasters, flamethrowers, a taser-like arcthrower and even a modified railgun (above). There will literally be something to sate every gamers destructive preference.


While Sublevel Zero Redux does utilise the latest technology to make it look like it was created in the 80’s, there are quite a few modern twists to this instalment that will make it fun to play for hours. Beginning with the procedurally generated environments, you will be able to explore numerous differing caverns over and over again without ever discovering the same one.

Secondly the combat system of Sublevel is entirely Zero-G, which obviously helps with the 6 degree of freedom type deal. This means you can travel literally anywhere in these caverns – up down, back around, sideways, you name it. Finally, there is no respawn system like in many of the popular games today. Permadeath is a big feature in Sublevel Zero Redux, which will be a real challenge for players who want to finish a game. All that can be said is good luck and keep your wits about you because if you go down, you have to start all over again.


Sublevel Zero Redux will be arriving on February 22nd via the digital Xbox store and is reasonably priced at $19.99 Australian. Get ready gamers, and get retro.

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