Mass Effect Andromeda

New Cinematic Trailer For ‘Mass Effect Andromeda’ Reveals New Villain And Awesome New Alien Species

Earlier today a short new cinematic trailer was released for Mass Effect Andromeda showing off the new hostile force in the Andromeda Galaxy in a very dramatic way. There was even awesome tension building music, it was great.

While not much was revealed in this new trailer, there were a few important things of note so lets jump right into it. First off, and most likely already known, is that we see five of the key alien species that will be present alongside the Pathfinder in Andromeda – that being the Humans, Krogans, Salarians, Turians and Asari. Really the key demographic, even though there are no Geth or Quarians.


Secondly is the fact that members on board the Nexus and Tempest have run into a profound and creepy new opponent, known as Archon. That’s him up there with the dead eyes. It is not known what species he belongs to or what his purpose is but considering his major opening line, is “Surrender or burn”, it is doubtful that it is to discuss fanfiction over some tea. He sort of appears to resemble a rockier version of the Husks from the previous Mass Effect games, but since all that can be seen is his head, he could be robotically upgraded to the nine below his neck.


The final real major reveal is one that would have slipped below the radar, just kind of sitting right there in the middle of amazing one-liners and big panoramic shots. We were given a glimpse at another alien species. Looking like a version of the Twi’lek’s from Star Wars, this new species seems to command a regal elegance and power. In the trailer we gain a glimpse of Ryder being led off Tempest by a lot of armed members of this species. It may be that this is one of the many alien species in the Andromeda Galaxy that we can gain assistance from in the threat presented by Archon.


But do not despair Pathfinders, because while they may not have an army…they have a Krogan. The battle is already won. Mass Effect Andromeda is arriving on March 21st 2017 for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. See you in Andromeda.

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