Xbox One Firmware Update Is Going To Improve Multitasking Capabilities

All Xbox users have experienced the highs and lows of Microsoft’s periodic updates, but for the most part, at least on the Xbox One, the updates have been incredibly beneficial. Recently a lucky group of gamers that are part of the Xbox Insider program were given an update as part of the beta phase of testing. This is due to an apparent firmware update coming for Xbox One that aims to increase the console’s efficiency and make it so much better in relation to performance.

And if we didn’t have means of communicating with the outside world that would be the end of it, we would never know about what Microsoft was planning until the firmware update was released. Fortunately for us, some awesome individuals have uploaded videos of them testing out performance on their Xbox One consoles both before and after the update. One such video, accessible on Gearnuke, shows the speed of transition when switching from one function, such as the Games and Apps page to the TV. I do have to say that it does switch quite rapidly, especially considering the fact that a lot of the things he had open, were left open while he kept exploring. There was little to no drop in transition speed.

Xbox One 2.jpg

However, the speed is not the most important thing to consider when looking at this new update. The UI has received a bit of a boost as well. While the bulk of things are mostly the same, the guide is now accessible via a single press of the Xbox home button, and when opened has a series of quick links that will enable you to navigate to the most important zones of your Xbox without too much hassle.

The final major thing that many gamers will be excited for is how easy it is to access your achievements. The achievement list automatically loads for any and all games that you are playing. Simply select the guide and scroll to the top to find the all of your locked and completed achievements. On top of this is the ability to track achievements while in-game, meaning you can set your favourite or most difficult challenges right there on your screen, by favouriting them, to always remind you of the virtual trial you can never overcome.

Since this UI update is still in the beta phase there is no real word from Microsoft as to when the rest of us Xbox One users will get to experience these changes first hand, but fingers crossed it won’t be too long.

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