Time For A Campfire Story With ‘Battleborn’s’ Latest Story Op : Montana And The Demon Bear

In their latest reveal stream, Gearbox began to talk about the fourth Story Operation for Battleborn. Coming to the game next week, this Story Op, entitled, ‘Montana and the Demon Bear’ will obviously feature Montana who is telling his fellow Battleborn about his encounter with a mysterious and powerful foe.

The story, like in all operations, changes depending on how many playthroughs you have completed, but the base story is that Nova’s Core processor is stolen and she has enlisted Montana’s help, along with the players, to get it back. Set in the spooky outskirts of Tempest, ‘Montana and the Demon Bear’ caters to a more open play space, where the intense feeling of potential ambushes is prevalent.

Increasing the challenge of this next Story Op, is the fact that you will be required to utilise the map a little more. Apparently due to the open style of the environments, enemies seem to appear out of no where so the verticality of the map, as well as the assorted elements of cover should be used generously.

The final most exciting thing that was also revealed in the stream, is the fact that the tale of Montana’s run in with the Demon Bear, will be told from the perspective of five different narrators. These are of course, Montana, Alani, Thorn, Shayne and Aurox and Boldur. Gotta keep with that tall tale theme.

The ‘Montana and the Demon Bear’ Story Operation will be playable on the 2nd of February 2017.

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