Halo Wars 2

Bring The Fight Back To The Halo Universe With ‘Halo Wars 2’

Halo Wars 2 was given an official launch trailer on the official Xbox Youtube page not too many hours ago, showcasing the adventure’s to be had and spine tingling horror that we will face. Now the Halo franchise is known for the brutal deaths of humans at the hands of much more advanced alien races, or more specifically a coalition of races known as the Covenant. Not the case with Halo Wars 2 as we now face a foe that even the Covenant struggled with.


In Halo Wars 2 however, we are battling against a much more powerful foe, by the name of Atriox. The trailer reveals to us that Captain Cutter with his rag tag crew on board the Spirit of Fire, has been awoken above a Forerunner installation known as the Ark. For long time fans of the series this may ring a few bells.


This forerunner artifact is the location and de facto home of a fierce and powerful Brute faction known as The Banished, led by the aforementioned Atriox. So unrelenting are these Brutes and their merciless leader that the entire cumulative strength of the Covenant was not enough to bring them to heel. Hence they were, well banished from Covenant society.

Halo Wars 2 will see you take control of Captain Cutter while you control your army from a birds eye view of the battlefield. Within this real time strategy IP, you will create and command differing units, some familiar and some new, such as the Spartans, Warthogs, Wolverines and Hellbringers. These units can be organised and arrayed in an almost infinite number of settings to help you triumph, whether it be over Atriox in the wonderful campaign mode, or over your friends in a series of pitched multiplayer battles.


Halo Wars 2 will be released for Xbox One and PC on February 21st 2017 and will be a welcome return to the Halo universe.

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