For Honor

‘For Honor’ : Meet The Heroes (Knights)

With the release of For Honor  just around the corner, let us take a look at the different heroes that we will take control of to battle for supremacy in the great War of the Factions. We start with the Knights.

The Conquerors

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 11.24.40 am.png

Not all soldiers on the battlefield are pure of heart and soul. In the desperate times of war, convicted criminals are entered into the ranks of the warriors. While many of these are worth less than the armour they wear, sometimes one stands tall. As a Conqueror. Strong, powerful and resilient, the Conqueror dominates the battlefield with crazy swings of a steel flail, that is as dangerous to the wielder as it is to whatever poor soul is on the other end. Combined with a resolute wooden shield, the Conqueror is a defensive hero, strategically blocking counter attacks, before initiating an unrelenting assault with their flail to whittle down their opponents strength.

The Lawbringers

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 11.34.01 am.png

On the fields of battle, with the endless tides of war, justice and fair play goes out the window. Thats where the Lawbringers come in. Ruthless upholders of justice, the Lawbringers maintain the laws and dispense punishment that is merciful to no one. While being difficult to control, the Lawbringers utilise a heavy armour that has absolutely no equal, nothing can penetrate the heavy plate. When you see a Lawbringer on the horizon, you best pray they are coming to help you and that you have done no wrong, or you may find yourself at the wrong end of their versatile poleaxe. With a sharpened axe blade for slicing attacks, a blunt end for crushing blows and a razor sharp point for thrusting strikes, the poleaxe allows the Lawbringer to carry out their duty with a ruthless efficiency.

The Peacekeepers

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 11.42.44 am.png

The silent blade in the night. Deathly quiet as the grave and purveyors gruesome work they do in times of peace…and of war. While the battle wages, the Peacekeeper never stops, swiftly manoeuvring the battlefield and dismantling their opponents before they even realise they are there. The Peacekeepers, equipped with their light armour are designed to move quickly and strike hard, delivering lethal blows with ruthless proficiency. Their dual blades in their hands become an extension of their bodies as they dance around the warzone. They are a secret order, with their elite being selected from the humble, devoted or desperate. If the Peacekeepers come for you, your legend is already over.

The Wardens

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 11.51.42 am.png

A long forgotten secret order, fallen into ruin. The Wardens are ruthless defenders of the peace and loyal to their people. No one knows their origins or how they came to be, but many have known their fierce sense of duty and the feel of their longswords over which they had mastered long ago. With a perfect balance of offence and defence, the Wardens embody all the powerful and noble virtues of knighthood. However, not many can join their order. The Wardens live a life bound by duty and loyalty, and always fight for what is right.

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