For Honor

‘For Honor’ : Meet The Heroes (Samurai)

The Nobushi


Far in the wilds away from the Imperial City, the villages inhabited by the innocent are at the mercy of their enemies, unable to be protected by the few Samurai that remain. Enter the Nobushi, masked warriors whose identity remains hidden – they are the truest protectors of the wild. Clad in the lightest armour, they are masters of speed and utilise the most bizarre of weapons – the Naginata. A wooden staff with a curved blade on its apex, is the perfect tool for these masked warriors to hook, slash and bash their foes into the dust.

The Kensei


These are the guardians of the Samurai faction. Equipped with the strongest armour of their people, the Kensei or Sword Saints live their lives as the embodiment of the Bushido code, which governs the lives of the Samurai. Training and fighting constantly to become the perfect warriors, the Kensei are ready to give their lives for their people and Emperor with an everlasting loyalty. While they are masters of a variety of martial arts, they utilise a very long bladed weapon known as a Nodachi, This weapon appears similar to a Katana, albeit a very long one and it was long thought that it would be impractical for use in a war setting. The Kensei proved that wrong, possessing a strength and utilising this unwieldly blade with the precision of a surgeon, dismantling their enemies until they stand unbroken and unbowed. The Nodachi allows the Kensei to hit their foes from a longer range but, due to its size, attacks will be slower.

The Shugoki


During the conflict, many new allies are brought over to the side of the Imperial Empire, along with new guardians. The Shugoki are one of those allies. They appear to be slow and sluggish, not a real threat, but that thought is quite foolish. While they are not the fastest of the Samurai, they are not to be trifled with, being able to hit hard and able to take a lot of damage before succumbing. The Shugoki utilise a club like weapon known as the Kanabo, which while being unwieldy and clumsy, is as precise as a blade in the hands of an experienced warrior. The only problem is that it leaves the Shugoki open to a counter attack if it misses.

The Orochi


The Samurai are decimated, the arts of their order falling into the dust, lost into history. But that does not mean the Samurai that remain are to be trifled with. Every Samurai warrior must be a match for at least 10 of their foes, but the Orochi are more than a match for a hundred. These imperial assassins are masters of the katana and utilise it with a skill and dexterity that compliments their armour – the perfect blend of flexibility and strength. While they attack fast and are deadly with their blades, they also hold secrets…secrets taken from the ninja clans, which allow them to use poison on their weapons and throwing stars.

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