For Honor

‘For Honor’ : Meet The Heroes (Vikings)

The Vikings have dominated the tides of history for centuries. And now their greatest warriors have stepped up to prove the superiority of their armament and their relentless strength in For Honor.

The Warlords


While some societies have kings or queens that are born into leadership, the Vikings earn their place at the top. Respected by their people, they are the shield from behind which they defend their people and the sword with which they slaughter those who wish to harm the innocent. Known as Warlords, these vicious men fight through waves of sweat and blood with a shield and a simple, ancient type of sword. They are the first to lead the charge into the enemy and the last to retreat, no Warlord will ever turn his back on his foes.

The Berserkers


In the myths and legends of many people, there are beasts that fight like men…the Berserkers however, they are men that fight like beasts. Unbridled and chaotic, they weave a pattern of carnage through the battlefield utilising a twin set of dual bladed axes. This leaves them open to attack from all sides, but they do not care in the slightest. The only worry a Berserker has is how many foes he will take with him before he succumbs and enters Valhalla.

The Raiders


A true Viking earns his place on the battlefield but sometimes one stands taller than the others. These Vikings are known as Raiders and are said to hold a spark of the gods, that allow them to closely embody those virtues that Viking culture holds dearest – intense bravery, integrity and an everlasting passion. Vikings believe that the moment of their death is chosen by the Fates at birth and so they walk into battle without fear and with the battlecries of their ancestors on their tongues. The Raiders are no different, striding into battle with their two handed Dane Axe and decimating their enemies on the front lines. The Raiders are covered in a series of simple iron rings, leather and tattoos – remnants of previous battles they bear with pride and to showcase their strength.

The Valkyrie


A Viking gains entrance to the fabled halls of Valhalla if they fall honorably in battle. But what about those that do not succumb to the waiting blade of a skilled foe? The result is the Valkyrie. A warrior order that fights for the honor of the fallen, battling on their behalf to win them entrance to Valhalla so they may drink with their ancestors, and the gods. They are skilled harrassers and keep their enemies at bay with the lethal combination of shield and spear. If a Valkyrie appears, pray they are fighting on your side, for if not, you may be seeing your own gods sooner than you planned.

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