Mass Effect Andromeda

‘Mass Effect Andromeda’ Gameplay Trailer Showcasing New Combat System

A staple of any great Mass Effect game is the combat. This is just a fact of life, like that unicorns are pretty and Johnny Depp is awesome. A new gameplay series was released on Youtube by the official Mass Effect Youtube account, showcasing the assorted weapons and combat systems that will be found within Mass Effect Andromeda.

First of all, the movement system should be addressed. Combat in the latest instalment of the Mass Effect series is anything but linear, with unparalleled freedom to dash and zoom around the battlefield, eliminating anything that comes into your path. As stated in the new gameplay trailer, combat in Mass Effect Andromeda is based on fast fluid movement that leads into interesting swift decisions and firefights.

MEA Cover.png

The Pathfinder will be able to utilise a versatile jump jet that allows for side to side dashes, upward boosts and even a hover to get those pesky enemies that just do not want to get out of cover. Speaking of cover, you are now able to hide behind a much larger variety of things to shield you from the hordes of enemies you will inevitably face. You can even hide behind the Nomad, which will make for some interesting strategic vehicle placement. In this regard it seems like Mass Effect Andromeda is going to cater to a greater freedom of motion that will allow for the player to insert their own playstyle and mayhaps some of their personality in the fabric of the battlefield.


Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 8.55.54 pm.png

In Andromeda, it seems like they are keeping it relatively simple in regards to weapon types, at least prima facie. There are four main weapon classes, the pistols, shotguns, assault rifles and sniper rifles. Effectively these four weapon classes cover every possible range and combat option so it does not need to get any more complicated than that. These weapons have absolutely no class restrictions so you do not need to be a sharpshooter class to utilise a sniper rifle, which will lead to a variety of interesting loadout options that will be exciting to witness.

Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 8.58.38 pm.png

While there are four basic types of weapons, these are also thee distinct varieties of technology that the operable weapons come in. The first is what most players would be familiar with, the Milky Way weapons, that utilise physical ammunition. The Milky Way weapons are great to utilise against non-shielded targets. Secondly there are the Remnant weapons that have a high rate of fire, are extremely accurate and do not utilise any type of tangible ammunition. In fact they fire a series of beams that while not having to be reloaded can eventually overheat your gun, so try not to spray and pray. Finally there are the Helios weapons, the branch of weaponry discovered in the Helios cluster of Andromeda. These weapons are slower to fire and utilise heavy plasma ammunition. They are heat seeking, which is great for use against bio-lifeforms and in some cases can be charged up for an extra lethal dose of damage.

But wait there is more in the weapons department! You will also be able to equip a variety of melee weapons if you choose to opt for a more up close and personal brand of combat. There are a large range of these close quarters weapons to choose from, such as Krogan Hammers, Asari Swords and the Omni-Blade. Each of these have their own benefits and drawbacks that will influence whether or not they will be used. For example, the swords are designed to be used for fast and accurate precision attacks.


The final part of the gameplay trailer showcased the variety of customisable skills that will be on offer for the Pathfinder and their team. There are three types of skills, each with a large variety of options in each category. Lets explore them.

Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 9.00.34 pm.png

Combat skills focus on weapons and gear upgrades, whether it is to deal or take damage and effectively make the Pathfinder into the ultimate soldier. Invest enough into these skills and you will be able to access abilities such as Flak Cannons, Trip Mines and Grenades.

Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 9.01.05 pm.png

The second category is known as Tech and utilises the more temperamental and devastating types of abilities that may or may not be experimental. Essentially Tech skills are of the more strategic variety and provide you options like Energy Drain which weakens your opponents or a Flamethrower which, you know, lights your enemies on fire.

Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 9.01.27 pm.png

Finally we have the staple of the Mass Effect series and that is the Biotic category. Controlling the very battlefield with gravitic manipulations can allow for some very exciting combat opportunities, with abilities like Pull, which can turn an enemy into a shield…or a weapon.

Each skill is able to be upgraded a significant amount and unique choices will appear while upgrading, for the purpose of granting even more customisation. The fact that each loadout can be equipped with three unique powers means that there is an almost infinite array of ability and weapon combos for you to try.

Mass Effect Andromeda is going to be released on March 21st 2017, but expect more gameplay trailers showcasing the various new systems and upgrades that will be available to players in Andromeda.

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