For Honor

The ‘For Honor’ Singleplayer Mode Has An Engaging Story That Also Sets Up The Multiplayer

As many people would know, For Honor is the latest game that has been released by gaming giant, Ubisoft. Within its virtual walls, players can control an array of heroes from three differing warrior factions – the Knights, the Vikings and the Samurai, that are thrust into close capacity and are warring with one another for spoils and for honor (yeah I wrote that).

Most of the footage that was presented of the game before its release on February 14th and even after its release would showcase the multiplayer aspect of the game, which will be an everlasting and popular section of For Honor. However the story mode sets up the multiplayer modes in such a way that allows for maximum engagement and follows on with a unique and captivating storyline…or three storylines. Be careful reading on as there may be slight spoilers ahead.


The singleplayer mode follows three distinct storylines, each one about a differing faction and an unnamed hero that you get to control. In the Knight storyline it is a Warden, the Viking storyline has you controlling a Raider and the Samurai storyline an Orochi. However, you also get to control some of the other members of your factions team for certain missions, as the photo above demonstrates. In that mission you take control of a Kensei to bring your enemies to justice.

Now while you will not get to play every single hero that the game has to offer, you will be able to control the majority and try out their skills and weapons for yourself before you go head to head against other players in the Faction Wars.


While you do take control of these unique and powerful heroes, pop up prompts at certain times showcase new combos for moves exclusive to your hero as well as basic moves that will be of great effect against the bosses of the campaign as well as in the multiplayer. From stuns, to throws, to parrys and executions, the singleplayer allows you to learn and hone your warrior’s skills and indeed, your timing.


Now, in the title of this article I did mention the captivating story and For Honor definitely has one of those. The storyline is roughly linear in a circular way and focuses for the most part on the war between the three factions. This war was exacerbated by the above chick in the really cool black armour, known as Apollyon. Her ultimate goal is war, and for each member of each faction to realise that battle and war is their natural state.

The storyline presents three different issues, one for each faction, as the time ticks down from the past to the present ultimately ending in a large scale assault led by all three factions. The story of the singleplayer actually presents something tragic and unstoppable to the player, due to the unrelenting tide of hatred and war and how the characters you control attempt to bring it to heel.


For Honor is out now for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC, and if you are a fan of third person combat and reliving epic, if slightly, majorly skewed history, definitely pick it up and engage in the War of the Factions and the amazing storyline. One more important thing to remember – pick Vikings because they will outlast you all. For Honor. For VALHALLA!

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