Mass Effect Andromeda

The Second ‘Mass Effect Andromeda’ Gameplay Trailer Showcases Profiles and Our New Squad

Today marks the second edition of the Mass Effect gameplay series, in which Bioware showcases some of the intricacies of the latest instalment known as Mass Effect Andromeda. In the latest trailer, we are given some information on how the Profiles function, as well as how the player can interact with and be supported by their squadmates.

As you progress throughout the game and earn an assortment of skill points, you will gain access to dozens of skills and more than 300 skill upgrades which is absolutely huge. In this way, it will be hard not to create a unique Pathfinder. But as you pour more and more points into the skill categories, being Tech, Combat and Biotics, you also gain access to an assortment of different profiles. These profiles in turn, will boost your skills in a myriad of fascinating and devastating ways.


There are a grand total of seven different profiles that you can select, which as pictured above, include, Soldier, Engineer, Adept, Sentinel, Vanguard, Infiltrator and Explorer. Each of these are unlocked by activating certain skill upgrades so depending on how heavily you invest in a given skill, you may not activate or even need some of these profiles.

Take the above profile for example, the Adept. As stated in the trailer, the Adept profile is designed for a player who invests heavily into biotics. When this profile is selected, all biotic based skills get a significant bonus to things like damage, range and duration. On top of this, a profiles rank will increase as you invest higher amounts of points into certain skills. As you could have probably figured out, the higher the rank of a given profile, the greater the benefits conferred to your character.

However, you can switch profiles at any time within the game, even during live combat, which allows you to approach the battle from different angles and perspectives and prevents you from becoming locked in to a particular playstyle.


A quick select mode is nothing new to the world of video games, but Mass Effect Andromeda’s favourites system essentially allows you the opportunity to switch to four different loadouts within the battle with just a few presses of a button. Each favourite allows the player to map three skills and one profile to a single button, allowing a grand total of 12 different skills and four unique profiles, accessible at any one time.


The Pathfinder is nothing without his squad. By his side are six potential squad-mates, by the names of Cora, Vetra, Peebee, Liam, Drack and Jaal, each with their own specialised weaponry and abilities.

Each squad-mate has three active and two passive abilities which can be upgraded by the Pathfinder, to sculpt them into the perfect unit. Being the commander of the mission, you can order your team to guard a particular location, rally to your side or attack a particular target. This can take some of the pressure of the Pathfinder themselves and even lead to some interesting power combos.

I already hear the question and I am ready to answer it. A power combo is a cumulative effort between the Pathfinder and their team to eliminate an enemy or group of enemies. Essentially what occurs is that the Pathfinder or one of your squad primes an enemy/enemies, which is then finished off in a devastating blow by your squad mate or the Pathfinder once again. Further keeping with the customisation, you can select skills that turn your allies into proficient primers or detonators, based on your Pathfinder’s playstyle.

Mass Effect Andromeda is arriving in our galaxy on March 21st 2017 for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC. In the meantime it is strongly recommended that you check out the gameplay series trailer because it has some excellent demonstrations on how to utilise your favourites in an optimal way.

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