Paladins: Champions of the Realm

‘Paladins’ : Learning Card Loadouts And In-Game Items

Paladins: Champions of the Realm is a free to play blend of a MOBA and an FPS game that presents an array of tactical heroes to battle with for supremacy and glory. However, there are a few instances where each hero can be tailored to suit the style of the player and even the in-game situation.


Each and every champion of the ever-expanding roster in Paladins comes equipped with their very own unique set of weapons and skills. So there is very little in regards to weapon variety for each Champion. Hence the arrival of card loadouts that can customise how your Champion interacts with the environment and their enemies.

There is a unique set of cards per Champion that can be unlocked, either from the chests or from utilising the in-game gold to unlock them. Each character comes pre-loaded with a basic card loadout, that will serve you well until you are ready to delve into the customisation realm of it. However, when you are ready to customise your card loadouts you can easily do so by adding five cards into the loadout slot of your Champion. But that isn’t all. Each card will have a value attached to it, that can be increased or decreased based on the plus and minus symbols below the card. The goal is to have a total of 12 points per loadout, no more and no less. This means that you can increase the power of a given card, and so increase the cards value.


The card loadouts are step one of your game customisation with the second step being the in-game items that can be purchased with credits. You are given a default amount of credits at the start of the match that you can spend on power-ups out of four categories: Defense, Utility, Healing and Offense. Only one power-up can be bought from each category per match, for a grand total of four.

The power-ups are bought by earning credits throughout the match. This is done through actions such as assaulting the point, escorting the payload and earning kills. Basically, the more hands on you are within the match, the greater your credit rewards will be.

Utilise your cards and in-game power-ups Champions, they can honestly be the difference between victory and defeat.

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