Microsoft Has Unveiled Game Developer-Friendly Creators Program



There are great benefits to Microsoft’s Creators Program both for the company itself as well as for the players. On one hand, it opens up a whole spree of new games from a variety of different developers that may tide players over until major AAA releases. This in turn relieves some pressure on Microsoft and Xbox itself, by sating the gaming communities inevitable hunger for bigger and better games. Finally, on the developers side of things, the act of having easier access to creating an Xbox Live adaptable game, means that developers can break into the industry in an easier way and quite possibly enjoy some well-earned success.

There are a few caveats that developers will need to cater to if they wish to utilise the Creators Program to its fullest potential. Firstly is the one-time cost, which will range from around $20 but will allow creators a lot of freedom. Secondly and quite importantly is the fact that any programs or games created using this initiative will not have access to the full scope of power of the Xbox One, instead utilising Microsofts Unified Windows Platform, which will allow the game to be played on Windows 1o PCs with minimal extra effort.

Xbox Controller.jpg

Since games published through the Creators Program are not using the full scope of power available to the Xbox One, developers won’t be able to access Xbox Live achievements, gamerscore or multiplayer matchmaking. Chris Charla, has stated that those developers who wish to utilise the full spectrum of power contained via the Xbox One, they will need to either work with a third party publisher or apply for an ID@Xbox membership. This membership can be granted even after a developer’s game is released.

The Creators Program appears to be a notable and intelligent move on behalf of Xbox, by making the console and its technology more player friendly. Hopefully we will be seeing a whole parade of high-quality content in the near future, especially with the release of the Scorpio on the horizon.

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