Mass Effect Andromeda

There Is Even More Customisation Andromeda With Crafting and Augmentations

If you thought Mass Effect Andromeda was a simple pick-up-a-weapon and shoot game, you were wrong. There is a rather in depth and in some ways complicated crafting system that enables you to unlock and build new gear as well as provide your arsenal with some serious upgrades.

Crafting requires you to scan any and all unique tech and wildlife, that will slowly increase your knowledge about that given subject. In a nutshell, the more you research, the more augmentations and blueprints you will unlock and be able to build. Of course you would not be able to build anything without materials, and that is where a bit of a grind may come into it (hopefully not too much though).

By studying the blueprints you have acquired you can learn what materials you will need in order to finally construct your upgrades. Whether it is done by the Pathfinder on foot, utilising the Drones of the Nomad, collecting them via the Tempest or even purchasing them from merchants, there are so many ways to acquire the necessary material.

Now, if you have done enough research and have the right tools at your disposal, you can provide augmentations to weapons and armour during the crafting process that will give you a unique edge in battle. Some augmentations include, the Vintage Heat Sink, which prevents any weapon from running out of ammo, instead relying on an overheating system, and even a Beam Emitter which replaces the normal firing mechanism of any gun with a functioning laser beam!

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