Mass Effect Andromeda

Andromeda Initiative Ends With A Trailer About Our Potential Golden Worlds

For those that were unaware, the Andromeda Initiative was an online training course set up as part of an interactive experience wherein players could learn about the Andromeda Initiative and how it would function.

Over a period of a few months, we as Initiates in the program, have learned about the Nexus and Arks, Weaponry and even fellow crew members on board the Tempest. Today marks the end of the Andromeda Initiative training, with a brief detailing the golden worlds that we are seeking out in the Heleus Cluster.

MEA Arid Habitat

The Heleus Cluster is on the outermost fringes of the Andromeda Galaxy and was selected by the Initiative as a potential home for humanity due to it having over 30 observed systems, each with a large number of planets. This of course increased the likelihood that the colonists onboard the Nexus would find safe harbour and a golden world to start anew.

The golden worlds should be safe, and rich enough in minerals to supply both the colonies being established there, as well as being able to help support the Nexus. While being an incredibly advanced piece of technology the Nexus still needs certain resources to function, the most prominent being Helium-3, Ice, Water and Element Zero, of which the Heleus Cluster has plenty.

MEA Red Trees

Element Zero is effectively what makes Mass Relays function, by altering the mass of any objects in their vicinity when affected by an electric current. This material is utilised in manufacturing, weapons designed and of course the aforementioned Mass Relays. As you begin to extract this material along with other necessary resources, you will be able to provide the Arks and the Nexus with upgrades. This will lead to more colonists to help populate and expand societies on the golden worlds.

The Andromeda Initiative, through long ranged scans discovered seven potential golden worlds where humanity would have the best chance of survival. From an arid planet that had plenty of underground water, to a lush jungle paradise, there is a lot of variation and players will have a lot to uncover and explore in Mass Effect Andromeda. 


During this brief one of the most important things that was mentioned, was only mentioned in a passing whisper, and that was the fact that we will also have Quarian colonists with us in Andromeda. Whether they arrived onboard the Arks and the Nexus or travelled with their own fleet is still unknown but the Quarians will be present in Mass Effect Andromeda. Now all I need is Geth and I will finally be happy.

With this latest portion of the Andromeda Initiative released, it basically marks the end of the Initiative training. That being said, while the release of Andromeda is only a short while away, it is strongly recommended that you complete all six training briefs as you will get exclusive in-game gear. See you in Andromeda Pathfinders.

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