Bungie Previews Last Event For ‘Destiny 1’ With Age Of Triumph Trailer

Bungie has been hinting at one last big hoorah for Destiny for quite a few months now and today saw the arrival of a short 40 second trailer showcasing some of the activities we can start to get excited for.

We are presented with the largest record book that Destiny has seen to date, meaning there is going to be a massive amount to work on before the release of Destiny 2, and indeed hopefully a lot of rewards to accumulate. There are a total of 13 pages in the Age of Triumph record book, which makes it seem as if there are at least ten pages in total of tasks to complete, when you factor in the rewards pages and title pages.

If you look closely you could even make out the names of two of the pages, namely Warlock’s Path and Hunter’s Way, with one for the Titan not long after, presumably entitled something like Titan’s Might.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 6.12.36 pm

One of the most exciting new things that has been revealed for this event is the presence of the Vault of Glass. It seems as if the Vault of Glass raid will be returning at updated Light Levels for one last hoorah in the world of Destiny 1. The return of the Vault of Glass has long since been one of the main requests from the Destiny community and Bungie has finally listened.

In the trailer we see our old reliable hand cannon, the Fatebringer (pictured above), as well as the final boss for the Vault of Glass, Atheon, so it is a fair bet that we will get to delve deep into the time-lost heart of the Vex.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 6.30.01 pm

Further adding to the excitement and hype, is the presence of this image, that was a part of a blog post by Bungie talking about the reveal streams for the Age of Triumph event. It appears that we may be getting a new armour set and I believe it would be for the Vault of Glass raid. If you take a look closely at the environment around the above Hunter, you can notice scenery that would be common in the Vault. On top of this is the fact that the apparel of the Hunter appears to be an upgraded version of the original Vault of Glass armour, which is very exciting.

With Destiny 2 just around the corner, the Age of Triumph event will celebrate every single moment and accomplishment of the last three years in-game. Despite some of the tougher times in the history of the game, let us ensure that Destiny goes out on a good note.

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