Mass Effect Andromeda

‘Mass Effect Andromeda’ Multiplayer Kits And APEX Missions Are Revolutionising Multiplayer

During the 600 year trip to the Heleus Cluster in the Andromeda Galaxy, Bioware has been busy crafting an immersive multiplayer experience for Mass Effect Andromeda that basically makes it accessible for every type of player, whether you are a multiplayer legend or prefer to explore in singleplayer.

Strike Teams are one of the new things added to Mass Effect Andromeda and are effectively members of the initiative that have been sent out to do missions on behalf of the Pathfinder and their team. These teams are for the most part, a collective of random NPCs that you will encounter along your journey, that you can recruit into service for you. These teams of presumably three, will fight as a unit, to complete the assigned strike mission. If they complete it, everyone gets rewards and experience and it is a jolly good time.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 10.59.40 pm.pngMEA Asari Multiplayer Kit.png

Whether your team completes or fails the mission leans quite heavily on the composition of the team itself. Thats where multiplayer classes come into play. Like the two seen above, you get a glimpse into the types of abilities and weaponry each NPC holds. This will allow you to determine the exact composition of your team and to experiment with differing species and power matchups for the multiplayer missions.

The weapons that each of the NPCs carry are customisable and presumably unlockable as your multiplayer rank increases. Similarly each of the multiplayer classes that are within Mass Effect Andromeda accumulate experience at the end of a mission, regardless of whether it was completed successfully or not.

One more thing worth noting about the multiplayer kits and that is the fact that they are assigned rarities. It appears as each multiplayer class/kit can be dropped as a reward, either out of special chests or as rewards at the end of missions. These will be scaled to your level and obviously the higher rarity a member of your strike team is, the more likely you will be successful.

APEX Missions MEA

You will be able to send in Strike Teams on normal Strike missions which accumulate rewards for the singleplayer side of the game. On the opposite end of the scale are the APEX Missions which are the multiplayer equivalent, so you can enter with a team of your fellow Pathfinders or you can just send a Strike Team in if you are feeling particularly clandestine. If you complete the APEX Mission in a multiplayer format, you will receive rewards for both singleplayer and multiplayer, which is a pretty sweet deal.

Crafting Names MEA

Speaking of singleplayer a new screenshot has surfaced recently relating to the crafting and development section of Mass Effect Andromeda. For those of you that didn’t know you will be able to craft your own weapons and assorted gear within the Andromeda Galaxy, assuming you have the right materials and research.

What is also quite cool is that you can also name your gear and weaponry, with whatever your imagination can dream up. There is a character limit so keep that in mind, but taking the above screenshot into account, you have at least 44 characters worth of space so go space-crazy.

Mass Effect Andromeda is only a two short weeks away and will be launching for Xbox One, PC and Playstation 4. Every day brings more information about this amazing next instalment and each night the hype gets bigger.

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