‘Destiny’s’ Age Of Triumph Reveal Stream : Record Books And Raids!

This morning Deej, our friendly neighbourhood Community Manager took to Twitch to reveal the last live event for Destiny 1. This event titled, Age of Triumph is designed to be a celebration of all of the accomplishments that every type of Destiny player would have achieved. It is a cheer for the collectors, an exultation for the Trials of Osiris runners and a hoorah for the Raid clearers. This event has something for everyone.

The Book

AoT Record Book Story Page

The main focus for the first half of the stream is the Record Book itself, wherein every possible challenge is held on a grand total of 13 different pages. Well in truth it is only 12 if you count the rewards page but still quite a lot. As Deej stated during the stream, a lot of the nodes will fill in as soon as you unlock the book, due to the retroactive nature of them, and indeed many players would have completed a lot of the content in the book.

AoT Record Book Rewards

However, not all the content would be granted instantly and there will still be a lot to do in the world of Destiny leading up to the launch of Destiny 2. As far as pages go, there are ones that focus on the Story itself, ToO, Crucible, Strikes, Collecting and even our three Guardian classes. Now one of the main concerns for Age of Triumph was the fact that there is so many unlockable nodes and some of them could be quite challenging. For example, I doubt I am ever going to reach the Lighthouse so that may or may not be out of my reach.

AoT Wear Your Triumph

In regards to that, you only have to complete three quarters of the Record Book in order to be granted every single reward. This of course does not include the special emblems and such that are attached to certain nodes. One of the most interesting rewards, in my opinion, is the rank seven reward, entitled Wear Your Triumph.

This is not a reference to an in-game item or cool armour piece (well it kind of is) but once you have unlocked that reward, you can visit the Bungie store, make sure you are signed in and you will be granted a special offer to buy a t-shirt decorating your first three years in Destiny.

AoT Shirt

The shirt will not be crazy expensive and is the perfect memento for any Guardian, whether they were there from Day 1 (Like me) or a newly risen KinderGuardian. One of the more interesting things to note about this t-shirt is that on the side of the sleeve, is a smaller emblem where you can get your Playstation or Xbox tag placed on the shirt.

The Raids

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 6.02.43 am

And now the moment everyone has been waiting for. The Raids. Deej and his guests in the hotseat did confirm that every single Raid in the Destiny universe has been brought up to the grand old light level of 390, allowing those that have not yet made it to 400, to do so with relative ease.

Each Raid has been granted new armour ornaments, so in the case of Wrath of the Machine, there are now two nodes for ornaments but these rewards will only drop in the new playlist, entitled the Weekly Featured Raid. This will be a rotating roster of all four Raids that will be scaled to 390 light and are the only ways to acquire these ornaments. Beginning on March 28th 2017 (release date for AoT), the roster will rotate from Crota’s End to Vault of Glass, Kings Fall and finally Wrath of the Machine.

AoT New Interface

On top of this, if it is the featured weekly raid, every challenge modifier will become active. Oh I forgot to mention that every Raid has updated challenge modes, and updated rewards. Within the Vault, the challenge will lie with the Templar and Atheon, while Crota’s End will most likely feature Crota and the Deathsinger as the challenge.

While they have updated the old raids in certain ways, they wished to keep it the same as players remember tackling it for the first or second time. Even though they had the design flexibility to alter it, they decided that for the players it would be better to leave the old raids as is and can I say hell yes!

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 6.03.09 am

There will, however be some new drops coming to the older and newer raids with the arrival of Age of Triumph. They let slip that there is a new Vault of Glass helmet, that holds two ornament slots and will most likely be backed up by the rest of a complete armour set. On top of that, newer rewards have been added to the new and old raid – for example, Ghosts may begin dropping for VoG and CE and Sparrows may begin to drop in KF and WotM. Not only that but we will see the return of our raid elemental primaries, the dreaded and most likely quite balanced exotic Vex Mythoclast, and quite possibly the Necrochasm. 

So there you have it folks, the first reveal stream for Bungie has shown, for the most part what we can expect when Age of Triumph arrives on the 28th March 2017. Whether you were here from the beginning or only a short while, this celebration is for all of us.

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