The Division

Stepping Into ‘The Division’ : Year 2 Brings Forth PVE Focus!


The first year of The Division has come and gone and as we enter Year 2, it seems that Christmas has come early for players, along with update 1.4. The Creative Director for The Division, Julian Gerighty spoke about how every bit of content throughout the second year will be completely free without the need to purchase an additional season pass.

But lets get down into the content that will be arriving for fans of The Division. First of all, The Division will be adding small mini-events known as Seasons which grant additional rewards or unique modifiers simply for participating in activities or situations that would most likely have been encountered a million times before. However, the way the gameplay modifiers function may cause players to have to respec their loadouts and interact in such a way that they are not used to…very much stepping into the danger zone.

You do not need to participate in a given Season but their will be exclusive items available to unlock and receive that will not be available in the future. They are very much exclusive to the Season.


Following the Seasons, The Division will be adding the ability to carry around custom loadouts, up to six, that will enable access to a series of equipment and talents that they can utilise in absolutely every situation possible. This of course extends to the weapons and gear you have become so fond of.

Players have accomplished so much in their journey and want to showcase it to the world, if for no other reason than to attempt to prove that they are better in every conceivable way. Have no fear, for Feats are arriving in Year 2, which are patches and marks of distinction that are placed on the armour, gear and weaponry, after you have completed certain achievements and milestones in game. The good news for dedicated players is the fact that after the update goes live, some of the rewards may be granted to you retroactively due to already having been unlocked.


The most major update that will be arriving is the introduction of missions that focus a lot more heavily on the story component. There are very few games out there that do not invest profoundly in a decent narrative, and so the addition of these story-based missions will serve to increase the relationship between the player and the NPCs that scatter the world, as well as to enrich the existing narrative component.

At this stage in time, it is unknown what the story expansion will bring to the table in the form of specifics, but it is hoped that it will bring forth a lot of interesting and replayable content.

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