‘Skyrim’ Modwatch : Hircine’s Hunting Grounds

It has been way too long since I have done a Modwatch and so today I have found one that is quite gorgeous in aesthetic and features my favourite Daedric Prince – Hircine.

Hunting Shack and Follower

This mod, entitled Hunting Grounds gives the Dragonborn access to part of Hircine’s particular realm of Oblivion, being his hunting grounds, as he is the patron Daedra of the hunt. This mod does not provide you with any crazy armour or overpowered spells, instead providing you with a nice landscape to run and hunt to your hearts content.

Hunting Grounds Open Fields

In the swaths of green and red grass, you will find an assortment of Deer and Foxes roaming around, and there are a lot of them. You will never run out of venison while you are in the Hunting Grounds, thats for sure. I have a theory that Werewolves are present there too, as Hircine is noted mentioning that Werewolves are sent to his hunting grounds, but perhaps that is for a later update.

Hircine Helmet

While you are present in the admittedly small area, you will gain access to a Bosmer companion who specialises in hunting. His name is Ernst Hoodway and he will be an invaluable asset in your leisure days of hunting and slaughtering the gorgeous creatures that inhabit Skyrim…you monsters. On top of this, you will also be able to collect Hircine’s mask, purely for aesthetic purposes, it is simply the skull of a deer afterall. It has no magical benefits, just looks quite awesome!

Hircine Map

Now, in order to get to Hircine’s Hunting grounds, you must first head to Glenmoril Coven, which is between Whiterun and Falkreath if you are very far west. If you have completed the Companion’s quest you would most likely already have access to this location. Once you are inside, head into the main chamber, and up a ramp that is on the right side. Follow it along and it should lead you to a smaller chamber with a Glenmoril Witch (if you hadn’t killed it before) and a Shrine of Hircine.

Hircine Hunting Horn

This Shrine will have a special item entitled the Horn of Hircine, that when picked up can be found in the Apparel slot of your inventory. Simply equip it and a beautiful horn sound will be heard, which will pull you into the realm of Hircine.

Happy Hunting Dragonborn.

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