Paladins: Champions of the Realm

How Legendary Cards And Essence Fit Into ‘Paladins : Champions Of The Realm’

While the PC version of Paladins: Champions of the Realm have been privy to patch 44 and the new Legendary Cards for quite a while now, players restricted to the console beta have finally been brought up to speed. Well not quite, PC is now on update 45.

The main changes that arrived with this patch update are a new currency system, known as Essence and the ability to utilise Legendary Cards on top of the normal card loadouts. Each Champion is given three specific Legendary Cards that focus on different aspects of the characters abilities. Essentially, you may consider Legendary Cards as a kind of pre-loadout, setting the tone for the way you wish to play the Champion in any given match.

You are only given access to one Legendary Card at the beginning, the other two need to be purchased for Essence or more specifically 12,000 Essence. Essence is a new currency that is utilised exclusively for unlocking and purchasing cards. Completing the tutorial will grant any new player 36,000 Essence straight up with additional Essence becoming earnable via duplicate items in the Radiant Chests.

While this new system has seen some backlash via the Paladins community as to how it could broaden the gap between new and old players, I believe that with some fine-tweaking, Essence could become quite popular and allow players to customise their ultimate decks.

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