‘Destiny : Age Of Triumph’ Reveal Stream Showcases New Weekly Rituals

Today marks the second Bungie live stream, revealing, bit by digital bit, the content we will be able to mess around with, once the final live event of Destiny, entitled Age of Triumph is launched. This stream, once again led by our friendly, neighbourhood community manager, Deej, showcased the weekly rituals that will keep us returning to the game over the course of this event, and perhaps even beyond.

In The Tower

Destiny Guardian and Speaker

Once you first log in to Age of Triumph, your first port of call will be the Tower that has become like a second home to many players. There you will receive a quest from the Speaker that will take you through every bit of content that has been updated or introduced in this event. The Speaker definitely is getting a lot more chatty now that we are leaving…

Of course that is not the only thing that has been altered at the Tower. Eververse collections have been updated with a new box, still requiring Silver to purchase, known as Treasure of the Ages. In these boxes, is every single item that has ever been sold by Eververse. I’m talking Shaders, Armour Sets, Sparrows, Horns, Weapon Ornaments, Emotes and Emblems. You will be able to try and acquire them all. But trust me, this is not the main reason you will utilise these boxes. There is a set of possible items that are all new and improved. From Triumph Armour, to Shaders, Ships and Weapon Ornaments for No Land Beyond, Vex Mythoclast, Necrochasm, Touch of Malice, Dragons Breath, Lord of Wolves and Suros Regime, the Silver will be flowing.

Not all Treasures of the Ages will require you to spend money on Silver however, Destiny itself offering you three boxes a week, for completing the weekly Crucible playlist, SIVA Crisis Heroic and Weekly Story Playlist.

However, if you want some of the older items specifically, you may as well head to the Silver Kiosk and physically purchase the individual item. The Kiosk has been updated with five categories covering every single thing that the Eververse store has ever sold. If there is something you have been craving, now is your chance to get it. Just remember, before you spend all your hard earned money, that gear and items will not progress to Destiny 2, but seeing as how Destiny 1 will be maintained for the foreseeable future, it is not a dealbreaker.

Into The Darkness

Destiny Striker

There are now six, rotating nodes available in the Director, each providing access to a given activity for the week. These activities, from the left to the right, increase incrementally in Light level and so can be the perfect option for those players looking to increase to max Light or just to enjoy everything Age of Triumph has to offer.

First up is the weekly Crucible playlist. This has mostly remained the same, with it being a 6 v 6 game mode, that will function as the focus of at least one of Lord Shaxx’s two new weekly Crucible bounties. These bounties are the ones that drop Nightfall tier rewards so definitely do not let them fall by the wayside.

Following this is the Weekly Story Playlist, something completely new to the world of Destiny. Essentially, every week, a group of story missions is placed in a rotating playlist with special modifiers changing the way the mission is played, similar to Strikes. This has not been done since Queen’s Wrath in Year One! The missions are grouped in certain categories that share a series of links, such as Earth and Moon, Mars and Venus, Dark Below and House of Wolves. Completing this five times over the course of a week will earn you a total of 100 Legendary Marks which is massive!


Moving up the tier of difficulty is the SIVA Crisis Heroic Strikes, where nothing much has changed. Apart from the first completion for the week granting a Treasure of the Ages, this 350LL activity serves as a stepping stone for the higher level content.

The Challenge of the Elders even makes an appearance at a recommended level of 390 Light. This activity similarly to the Strikes is unchanged, you still require a ticket from Variks to enter, but the rewards will be a lot higher and apparently a lot more forgiving.

Nightfalls Meet Daybreak

Destiny Supers

The newly updated Nightfalls, designed to provide a little more mayhem, will sit at a recommended Light level of 380 along with the chaotic, Daybreak modifier. This new Nightfall-exclusive modifier will come into the lives of Destiny players once every four weeks, beginning on March 28th. In essence, what it does is speed up every single ability recharge rate, from Grenades, to Melees, to Supers – the fields of the Nightfall will feel the lash of your Light incessantly and unrelentingly.

In the Twitch reveal itself, Bungie showcased a Daybreak Strike and at least every ten seconds the flash of a Super was seen. The recharge rate has increased to the exact same figure as if you were playing PVP Mayhem. But even though your power has increased, the Nightfall can still be challenging, mayhaps more so now that you might overextend yourself, as opposed to being cautious when your Super was a precious commodity.

Blue Nightfall Flames.png

Final thing that has got this Year One player supercharged is the return of the blue flames that surround the heads of any and all Guardians that complete the Nightfall in a given week. Not only does this look extremely badass, but it provides an experience bonus for every other activity. Wear them with pride!

Bungie has unveiled two streams about the last Destiny live event, Age of Triumph. With one more to go focusing on the rewards we will acquire and the sandbox we will enter into, it is safe to assume that Destiny appears to be ending on great terms. Plus we may finally see what the returning Vex Mythoclast and Necrochasm have up their exotic little sleeves.


    1. It was in the stream, not only was it demonstrated on a NF they mentioned it would only appear every 4 weeks


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