Mass Effect Andromeda

‘Mass Effect : Andromeda’ : Latest Gameplay Trailer Showcases Multiplayer

With the release date of Mass Effect Andromeda just over a week away, we were finally treated to a gameplay trailer showcasing how multiplayer will function in this new galaxy of ours. One thing is for sure, it looks amazing!

MEA Survival.png

The multiplayer in the latest iteration of Mass Effect is not what you would expect when hearing that word…being a player vs player interaction. Instead it is a series of missions or objectives that reward co-operative play and teamwork. Utilising a team of up to four players, you will enter a series of Firebase maps with specific objectives to fulfill. Whether it be an extraction of another NPC, complete a series of mini-objectives on the ground or just simply survive against escalating waves of foes, there will be something for all lovers of the multiplayer game types.

MEA Character Selection

However, before you can enter into a multiplayer match with your team and begin the annihilation, you have to sort out some housekeeping stuff. First off is selecting your character kit, which is a more complicated term for type of alien and set of abilities. Each character kit comes pre-selected with a set of skills and a propensity and utility for combat within certain playstyles. For example, the above Krogan Vanguard is a powerful biotic warrior that can quickly travel to an enemies location and deal significant close-range damage. There are 25 of these character kits to choose from in the multiplayer, but not all will be accessible straight at launch. You will need to earn or unlock a few of them.

Moving on, you will then need to select your weapon loadout, to not only compliment the type of character kit you have selected, but also to compliment your style of play. This is not restricted to class or character types, however, so even if you wish to use the Krogan Vanguard, you can still slay with a sniper rifle. At launch, there will be 40 differing weapons that can be selected and experimented with, from each of the three distinct weapon varieties, that being Heleus, Milky Way and Remnant. There are already plans to add more weapons to the loadout collection in the months following launch, which is fabulous.

MEA Remnant Weaponry

In relation to the multiplayer itself, Bioware has stated in this gameplay trailer that there will be five differing maps at spawn, each sporting a unique environment. These environments will most likely add hazards and other factors into the gameplay, to make it a little more explosive and interesting. Firebase Sandstorm will showcase a set of buildings on a large expanse of desert, Firebase Zero clings to the side of an asteroid in space, Firebase Icebreaker appears similar to the Planet Hoth (icy in case you didn’t understand the reference), Firebase Magma which sits on a bed of lava and Firebase Derelict, an abandoned research station.

MEA Multiplayer Match

Gratuitously enough, Bioware has shared the success and progress of the group within a multiplayer match, with the group itself. This means that at the end of any match, the medals, credits and experience earned are split between everyone who participated meaning you do not need to battle and shove your teammates out of the way to reap great rewards. You get them together so please, WORK TOGETHER.

Finally, for those players who are not into the multiplayer side of things, can utilise Strike Teams and Apex Teams to reap awesome rewards for the singleplayer mode. These missions can be done by a team of NPC characters (or your multiplayer team) and if they are successful, will grant experience to the NPCs involved as well as to the player as the Pathfinder.

Mass Effect Andromeda is only a little over a week away now and the hype is truly at a fever pitch. From singleplayer, to multiplayer and all the customisation options, it is fair to say that prima facie, our trip to Andromeda as the Pathfinder would be worthy of Commander Shephard. Of course we still have to wait and see.

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