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A Coldfront Is Moving In With The Arrival Of ‘Kona’

Interactive games have a way of grasping on to the hearts of gamers and never letting go, not until the job is through. In this case, Kona provides players with enough surreal elements and captivating gameplay that you want to uncover every single bit intrigue and mystery this indie game has to offer.

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 3.45.56 pm

Step into the role and literal shoes of Carl Faubert, a renowned private detective that is called in to solve a series of vandalism offences against the property of rich industrialist, W.Hamilton. He even sounds rich. While freezing in the boots (which I assume are wool-lined) of Faubert in Northern Canada, you must investigate a series of unnatural and mysterious events in a creepy and dimly lit village, such as an everlasting and intense snowstorm.

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 3.46.21 pm

The artstyle, even from the screenshots given for this game seem beautifully simplistic, in that they capture the perfect amount of detail without going into unbearable complications. Kona is the first in a series of four interactive games for the Xbox One and promises to grasp the hearts of players with an ice-grip and never let them go.

Kona is available in the Xbox Store for the cheap price of £15.99, roughly $25 aud or $20 if you happen to be based in the US. Grab a cup of cocoa because it is going to be a little chilly, and also the cocoa could be used to throw at whatever creepy things attack you in the perpetual blizzard. The cup would hurt.











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