Final Livestream For ‘Destiny’s’ Age Of Triumph Showcases Amazing New Armour

Today was the day. The last stream for the final Destiny 1 live event entitled Age of Triumph, and it was a good one. Though you don’t want to read some non-sensical introduction…lets get into it.

Elemental Primaries Are Back

VoG Armor Gorgon Tentacles.png

Yes they are, our beloved arc, void and solar primaries from the very first year of Destiny are returning into our lives. Fatebringer, Oversoul Edict, Vision of Confluence and so many more will once again grace the arsenals of many a Guardian. However there is a bit of a twist this time.

In the reveal stream, we learned that there are now two different types of the raid weapons. The newer types sport a new design workover and new effects. We can all still get the original weaponry in their bronze coloured glory, but they will no longer be able to utilise elemental damage. That alone lies with the Adept raid weapons, special versions that can only be acquired through the Weekly Featured Raid playlist. Not only are these versions elementally charged, but they are also now classed as exotics – yep with yellow icons and all.  This means you can still utilise the weapons you love to maximise the damage you do, but just have to decide whether or not to use an exotic slot.

The elemental Adept weapons are available across all the raids that are returning with Age of Triumph. They have even given us these exotic goodies within the Wrath of the Machine and Kings Fall, which had never seen the light of an elemental primary weapon before. Though it should be cleared up that only the primary Raid weapons are getting Adept counterparts, the special and heavy weaponry stays much the same.

The Armour

Crotas End Concept Armor

Todays stream was also the source of a fashion show, providing us with the first detailed glimpses at the updated armour and indeed the new ornaments that are going to drastically alter the way our Guardians appear. But first some housekeeping, or Raid-keeping. You can only acquire ornaments in the Weekly Featured Raid playlist, they will not be accessible any other time. However the positive side of this is that Raid ornaments aren’t armour-set-exclusive, meaning you can get ornament tokens from Crotas End (for example) and apply it to Vault of Glass armour if that is where your heart is set. Provides you with a lot more choice.

First up is the set dropping from Crotas End (above), which as always appears dark and gloomy, as if the Guardians themselves had ripped the armour away from the chitinous extremities of the Hive. Moving on to the ornaments, we are given a sickly green glow that appears to pulsate rather dangerously out of the armour at points. Spikes and horns are the name of the ornament game in the realm of Crota.

Kings Fall Concept Armor

Following the same energy-leaking principle is the new set of Kings Fall ornaments. With a more mild blue tone, that displays more elegance (Deej’s words), the energy appears to have broken through and begun seeping out of the cracks. The interesting thing that the design team added to both the Kings Fall and the above Crotas End set is that when an ornamented Guardian takes damage, the dark Hive/Taken energy retracts and disappears, rushing back out after a few moments not taking damage.

Wrath of the Machine Ornament

The Wrath of the Machine armour has remained pretty much the same, same design and same colour scheme. However the ornaments make it seem as if SIVA itself has gone rampant throughout the internal workings of the armour. Featured are the fragments of SIVA that appear to break off and meld with the surrounding pieces. But that isn’t all this armour set will provide aesthetically.

Ornaments will also provide rather substantial gaps in the armour where solid bundles of rampaging SIVA can be seen, in the appearance of fire. On top of this, the unbroken sections of the armour utilise a digital/pixel effect that dances over the bits of the machine you have taken with you.

Age of Triumph Concept Armor

Next up is the Age of Triumph armour, the set you can acquire from the Eververse loot boxes entitled Treasure of Ages. It should be prefaced by saying that you can gain three of these loot boxes for free just by completing weekly activities but the option is there to pay for some more if you wish to do so. The armour sets are chromafied and showcase the emblems that cover the armour in a glorious fashion.

Not only that but the designs themselves of the armour pieces are of more simplistic and nostalgic shapes. A nod back to the designs of year one armour that you may have been craving for.

Vault of Glass Concept Armor

Finally we have my favourite set of Raid armour, the Vault of Glass, and it did not disappoint yet again. The armour itself is similar to how it was way back in year one but a lot more vexified and metallic…as if further ventures into the Vault found new pieces that were slowly grafted on.

But lets stop for a minute and talk about the elegant robotics our Guardians are privy to. Most noticeable with the Hunters arm and leg and the Warlocks leg, is the fact that they have been replaced with real life pieces of Vex technology. The perfect blend of robot and machine. Good and evil. Light and dark. It is as if we are becoming our own enemy. Not only that but the robotics even extends to stealing the tentacles of the Gorgon!! 

So there you have it, the numerous armour sets that will be available with the Age of Triumph live event. Bungie’s last hoorah in Destiny 1 begins on March 28th and it promises to be a worthy tribute of the last three years.

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