Destiny 2

‘Destiny 2’ Finally Announced

The Destiny journey began three years ago, on September 9th 2014, and today on the day of the release of the final live event for Destiny, Bungie put out a very interesting tweet that officially announces Destiny 2.  No other message was given, just that image.

However the image itself tells us a little about the narrative that is going to be in Destiny 2. If you look closely at the image you will notice the Traveler being the main focus, and underneath that is a burning and ravaged City. This most likely means that reports from earlier in the year were correct where we saw potential scenes from the upcoming title revealed through leaked toy sets.


The main one in question showcases Cabal Red Guard warriors attacking Guardians in the Tower Hanger. This tells us two things. One is that Destiny 2 will feel more desperate with an attack on the Last City and, Two the Cabal will be featured more prominently which is something they desperately need.

Hopefully Bungie will give us some more details soon.

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