Destiny 2

What Does The ‘Destiny 2’ Reveal Trailer Tell Us?

Take a seat Destiny fans because only moments ago, Bungie released a worldwide reveal trailer for Destiny 2 and it is amazing. Featuring some quality Cayde-6 banter and some sweet action scenes it sets a very desperate and determined tone for the characters in the game. The trailer itself seems to back up the promise by Bungie and Activision to focus on the story with more cinematic elements thrown in, which is reassuring and exciting.

Anyway, the new trailer appears to hold a fair bit of information on what we can expect to find once we step into the shoes of our Guardians once more, so lets get down to it.

New Enemy Faction

New Cabal Boss.png

Well maybe not entirely new. A branch of the Cabal has come from nowhere, known as the Red Legion and apparently they are a lot more powerful than the Dust Giants, Blind Legion, Skyburners or any of the other Cabal we have faced before. They are relentless, and pretty successful since they destroyed the Tower and forced us out.

The above image is most likely a Cabal mini-boss, much like the Shield Brothers in Destiny 1. He/She/It may feature early on in the game due to him breaking Tower supplies in order to try and kill Ikora, the most OP Warlock alive, apart from mine of course.

Gaul Destiny 2.png

The Red Legion are led by an impressive strategist known only as Ghaul, and he sports a unique and quite awesome aesthetic. However not much is known about him at this time, other than he is huge and very well armoured.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 8.31.14 am.png

In the trailer we were also given a glimpse of Cayde-6 fighting horned, lizard-like creatures, that could be similar to trained military dogs, or just a general hazard that is found out in the world. Either way, it will signal a slightly different approach to combat and may help make the larger scale worlds more interactive like Bungie and Activision have promised. It may be that you are zooming along doing Guardian stuff and suddenly are attacked by a horde of angry lizard-dogs. Who knows but I for one cannot wait to find out more.

Brand New Story

Cayde6 Motivational Speech.png

As I may have mentioned earlier, Bungie and Activision have promised to make a more engaging and less-fragmented story that can allow players to properly feel apart of the game. Even the trailer has given us a solid standpoint narrative-wise in regards to what to expect.

Here is the gist of it. The Tower is gone, destroyed by the Cabal Red Legion. The Traveler may be incapacitated even further (keep reading I will get to that) and the Guardians alongside Humanity are scattered to the wilds of Earth and the assorted planets of our Solar System.

The worlds are said to be larger and more explorable and yet not feel as empty as the Patrol zones did in Destiny 1 and according to the Bungie pre-order page, Guardians will have to explore and fight their way across the unexplored planets of the Solar System, which opens up a potential six new uncoverable planetary locations (Pluto is still a planet in my book).

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 8.30.33 am.png

Now the Traveler may be incapacitated due to the glowing red-orange energy that surrounds it in the above picture. Every time the Traveler is shown, that same energy is present at least somewhere on its surface. That same energy can be seen being utilised by a Cabal Phalanx, as possibly an overshield, which suggests that the origin of the energy is the Cabal Red Legion.

Cabal Phalanx Energy Shield.png


Destiny 2 Possible Exotics.png

Most of the weapons that were witnessed in the trailer were those that would be familiar to many Guardians. Branded guns like Suros and Omolon were common with many wielding weaponry with the telltale emblem of the Vanguard emblazoned on the side. Every weapon that wasn’t of the common type was suspiciously analysed as a potential exotic, as are those three weapons in the above photo.

Speaking of exotics, perhaps not all exotics will be left to the wayside and remain in Destiny 1. While the trailer does give an adequate reason for the lack of item transfer, there is one exotic showcased, wielded by our very own Cayde-6. He is firing his exotic hand cannon, Ace of Spades with the same flair as always. Maybe it is a coincidence, but in the Mega Bloks sets that were uncovered earlier this year, we were given a glimpse at Lord Shaxx, wielding the Raze Lighter against a horde of Cabal. Based on this we may see the return of some of our favourite exotics.

Possible New Melee Weapon.png

Finally, in regards to weapons, the trailer did also present something that seemed a little interesting and also very difficult to screenshot. In one of the early action scenes, we are given a glimpse of the Vanguard fighting some powerful Cabal warriors. Commander Zavala then jumps off a high ledge wielding some sort of melee weapon that appears to be a hammer in the way he uses it. This could be wrong, but there may also be a new weapon type arriving in Destiny 2 or at the very least…a relic of some kind.

Ship Battles

Ship Battles

In the coming Destiny 2 there may be a potential for Guardians to control their ships as they take to the skies and participate in a new type of combat. Since the Red Legion come to The Last City with an airbourne fleet it would stand to reason we would need to kick them out of our airspace. How? With our own menagerie of powerful starcraft.

It may just be a series of cutscenes but fingers and toes crossed that we actually get a new type of mission, wherein we can control our very own ships rather than them being a glorified screensaver.


New Armor? Redjacks? .png

Bungie has already stated that the only thing that will be transferable from Destiny 1 to Destiny 2 will be our Guardians appearance and race, although you can start fresh if you wish to do so. But it seems like the three standard races that we are familiar with will still make an appearance, that being the Exos. Humans and Awoken.

However, one thing has gotten me quite curious and it is the appearance of several of the above Guardian types. It could just be a new type of armour but the fact that the ones that are present in the trailer all look the same could suggest a new Guardian race, one that is predisposed to Hunter-ing. This could be wishful thinking though.

Destiny 2 will be arriving on September 8th 2017, with the ability to pre-order already being available. This next iteration will give us a greater story, new combat skills, more cinematics but more of all…more Cayde-6!

Cayde 6 gif.gif




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