Microsoft May Be Revealing The Name And Specs Of Project Scorpio.

Rumours about Microsofts latest project, aptly codenamed Project Scorpio have been flying around the internet for years now. None have really been confirmed as yet, but there is a new rumour that has surfaced, claiming that the final name for the Scorpio will be the Xbox One X.

This makes sense for two reasons, the first being that ever since the conception of the Xbox console, Microsoft has had a massive love for the letter ‘X’. It is simply emblazoned everywhere they can possibly put it. The second reason is the fact that Microsoft has recently released the Xbox One S, and has been promoting that vigorously. Plus the ‘X’ just gives off an aura of power when added to things.

That is not the only rumour circulating the interweb however, stating that Microsoft, or some third party will be releasing details about the components, performance power and a few of the games the console will be shipping with. Project Scorpio, or Xbox One X is supposed to be the next step up in consoles, capable of supporting 4K gaming and playing the best our beloved developers can build. So if this rumour is true we may see just how wondrous the console truly is.

However, until it is actually confirmed or denied, it is important not to accept this as wholehearted truth. Maybe Scorpio will be called Xbox One X, but it could also officially be called Xbox One W. We just have to wait and see.

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