Mass Effect Andromeda

How To Take Down The Remnant Destroyers In ‘Mass Effect Andromeda’

MEA Destroyer.png

If you have played Mass Effect Andromeda for a decent amount of time, you most likely would have run into these Remnant monstrosities, known as Destroyers. These metallic Guardians are the hard hitting defence constructs of the Remnant Vaults.

They can oftentimes be incredibly hard to take down, and bullets seem to simply bounce off the chassis. On top of this the Remnant Destroyers typically attack alongside a number of more mobile Remnant units such as Assemblers and Observers which can make it a bit difficult to focus on the one tank of an enemy.

Both the turrets on either side of the body of the Destroyer can be taken out, although they are shielded. You could devote time and bullets to taking them out or you can simply command your team to attack each individual turret. It saves you time and allows you to mop up some of the adds that are scattered around.

Once the turrets are taken care of, the Destroyer can still deal damage, through an energy field and an energy blast. Now, when the Destroyer stops and the centre ‘eye’ turns from red to blue, you can shoot the eye and deal significant damage. Continue until the Destroyer is taken down. Now you do not have to take the turrets down in order to take out the Destroyer but they deal a lot of damage in a short time so it may be easier to get them out of the way.

You may have your own methods to take down the Remnant Destroyer but this is the easiest way I have found. Happy exploring Pathfinders.


    1. Any problem that comes up the best solution is to rocket launcher it!! Totally agree with this! I never run around with Cobra RPG shots and it is a hassle encountering the Destroyers ahaha. A lot of strafing and a lot of sniping!


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