Sea Of Thieves

‘Sea Of Thieves’ Latest Behind The Scenes Video Shows Off Sword Combat

Sea of Thieves has been a popular title, on the lips of many, with many potential pirates craving to get their hands on their very own ships and take to the most-likely-more-than seven seas.

The team over at Rare has been very open in regards to talks about development and what they hope to accomplish, with a few select series of Youtube videos, entitled ‘Inn-side Stories’ or the ‘Tales from the Tavern’ podcast. However they have just come out with another video series entitled ‘Behind the Scenes’ where they discuss certain aspects of the game they are painstakingly developing. The latest video focuses on swords and sword combat, which is a staple of any pirate game.

While the initial entry of swords into Sea of Thieves will not be a fully unpolished entity, neither will it be completely hashed out into the fully in-depth, integrated mode of survival that it could be.

The ‘Behind the Scenes’ video led by Jon McFarlane, talks about how the first version of sword combat in Sea of Thieves will simply be adding swords with a light attack and a heavy attack. Something to balance out combat and maybe sway the use of guns in all combat scenarios. They had also added a three chain combo attack system that activates if you manage to score three successful hits on a target.

The wonderful game designers at Rare wish to expand sword combat into a deeper experience featuring flowing gameplay and combat, utilising different environments without it getting too clunky. They also wished to add heavy knockback and other systems that punishes players for not defending or moving out of the way, which just goes to show how much care they are placing on an intrinsic part of a pirate based game.





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