Titanfall 2

‘Titanfall 2’ Free DLC Update Has Launched

Titanfall 2 has had another major DLC update in the last week, the biggest item dropped being the return of an old fan-favourite map. Known simply as Colony, this map features an array of enterable buildings and a tower that now that I think about would work great as a sniper nest. A lot of firefights for that little jewel – the only problem? Everyone knows where you are.

That was not the only thing to drop in this free DLC, the other thing being the R101 assault rifle that was a popular staple weapon in the first game. On top of this was a new execution taught to the Pilots and it is quite excessively violent which I absolutely love! Utilising the grappling hook, a seemingly innocent tool just used for the movement of the Pilot, this execution turns into a tool to decimate your opponents.

Titanfall Store

The Titanfall 2 store has also been updated, with new Prime Titans, specifically the heavy Legion and long range Northstar Titans. You can also purchase camo packs or customisation bundles that give you chassis art, custom paint jobs and other assorted goodies, for a reasonable price. But if you do not wish to spend any more money on Titanfall 2, you absolutely can refrain, with there being plenty of awesome customisations you can acquire through normal gameplay.





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