‘Yooka-Laylee’ : Capturing Ghost Writers

The Ghost Writers in Yooka-Laylee are the original authors of the Grand Tomes within which, our comic duo run havoc, hunting the Pagies. While it can initially be confusing as to how to capture the Ghost Writers, they can all be acquired by using basic abilities.

-The Yellow Ghost Writer, Normy, does not require any special skills to capture. All you need to do is find him and he will happily join you on your quest.

-The Red Ghost Writer, Ann-Gree needs to be attacked a couple times in order to be collected. Simply wait for him to lock on to you, dodge his attack and quickly attack him back. Repeat this process until he changes colour to green, then you simply collect him.

Heidi, the Blue Ghost Writer, has a rather annoying ability with a tinkling laugh that alerts you to her presence. She will turn invisible when you get close but if you know where she is standing you can hit her with your Sonar Blast ability.

-Fee-dee, the Pink Ghost Writer needs to be fed using any kind of Berry. You must have the ability that allows you to absorb the qualities of whatever you eat. Eat a Berry and spit it right into Fee-dee’s mouth to collect her.

-Finally you have Evie, the Green Ghost Writer, who will simply run away when Yooka-Laylee comes into physical range. All you have to do is predict the path of Evie, and you will catch the Ghost Writer.

There is one of each of the Ghost Writers hidden in each Grand Tome world. If you find all five of the Ghosts in one Tome, then you are gifted with a Pagie.

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