Yooka Laylee

‘Yooka-Laylee’ : Guide To Yooka’s Edible Powers

In this nostalgic return to the genre of the 3D platformer, both Yooka and Laylee, have an assortment of abilities that make combat and solving the myriad of puzzles that scatter the world, a lot easier. One of these powers, which can be seen as many different powers all in one, is Yooka’s ability to ingest certain substances, and take on the qualities of what he has eaten…much like Kirby.

Internal Heat

YL Internal Heat

This one is definitely a necessity when it comes to the colder areas of Yooka-Laylee. If you come across a brazier, like the one pictured you can approach it and eat a bit of coal from the fire, using Yooka’s tongue. If you do it correctly, Yooka will take on a red glow for a limited time, allowing you to go into frigid areas without taking damage.

Frost Breath

YL Frost

This is one of the earlier powers that you will come across, and can be gained by eating the silvery-white berries that you will undoubtedly come across in all the worlds. Eating these Frost Berries, gives Yooka temporary frosted tips and the ability to shoot balls of ice at enemies and certain switches, in order to freeze them.

Solid Steel

YL Steel

This ability can be activated by getting Yooka to ingest a cannonball from certain stacks that will be placed strategically around the worlds. Eating the cannonball will turn Yooka a grey colour and allow him to move through areas buffeted by heavy winds.


YL Cannon

Fairly self explanatory, but the explosive power is activated by eating Black Berries that are present on certain plants. These give Yooka the ability to shoot highly volatile balls that will explode on contact with anything. Certain objects will take more damage than others however, and it is also fantastic for add control.

Glow Yooka Glow

YL Glow

Like the Steel and Internal Heat abilities, the Glow power is more passive than other things in the arsenal of this wily chameleon. It effectively turns Yooka into a walking, talking glowstick, lighting up the darkest of areas…so you don’t fall off constantly and have to restart. Looking at you Gloomy Gemstone Grotto!


YL FireBreath

One of the most common abilities, it turns your cute little chameleon into a cute little dragon, with a rather respectable flamethrower. Intrinsic for lighting torches and other things on fire, I also hear Laylee loves to roast marshmallows over it.

Waterspout Yooka

YL Waterspout.png

Another kind of uncommon ability that crops up every now and then is the waterspout ability. Exactly the opposite of the flamethrower, Yooka will spit a continuous stream of water that can be used to put out fires. It is activated by eating the Blue Berries on certain plants.

Sticky Yooka

YL Sticky

For some reason yellow Yooka is very aesthetically pleasing and is quite useful. You activate this ability by licking out some honey from scattered bee hives. This in turn provides Yooka with some much needed traction when Reptile Rolling up surfaces such as steel and ice.

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