Glitch In The Frontier Trailer Has Dropped For ‘Titanfall 2’

A trailer has dropped for Titanfall 2’s latest free update entitled, A Glitch in the Frontier. With this free update players will see the arrival of a new map known as Glitch. Consisting of many long and twisting corridors, Pilots will be able to seamlessly glide around the map, happily killing anything in sight.

Alongside the release of the Glitch map will be a new game mode known as Marked for Death. In this mode, there will be one player from each team given a hit marker or target on their back. The rest of your team will have to protect that player will simultaneously hunt for the other teams target player.

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 10.19.05 pm

There will also be another map added to the Live Fire game mode known simply as Deck. This new map will feature tight interior spaces coupled with exposed courtyards for some explosive gameplay.

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 10.15.22 pm

Finally the level cap has been upgraded to level 100, a new faction has arrived to the battles of the Frontier, known as the M.R.V.N Faction and there is yet another execution available for Pilots, known as Get to the Point. This execution features the Pulse Blade in the prime position, used for the murder of an unaware Pilot.

A Glitch in the Frontier will arrive on April 25th 2017 for Titanfall 2.

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