Paladins: Champions of the Realm

Winter Is Over With New ‘Paladins’ Champion, Willo Of The Summer Court

Willo is the latest Champion to be announced for Paladins: Champions of the Realm and she fulfils the role of a damager, and boy is she able to deal some heavy damage. Her main attack is known as her Wand of Overgrowth. This flower tipped weapon allows Willo to fire a blast of energy that deals 500 damage in an area of effect-like fashion around its impact zone. With the Wand of Overgrowth, she is able to damage multiple Champions quite steadily and will be a terror for anyone camping on a capture point.

She is also able to fire a spore that prevents healing for a few seconds, known as Dead Zone. This is huge for a damage champion, especially since it effectively provides the card Cauterise for free. Not to mention the fact that she can continue to damage them after it has been fired, giving her and her team a huge advantage. Next up is Seedling which I can see will provide many opportunities for Top Play. Willo drops a seedling onto the battlefield, which after a short cooldown explodes, and then spawns in four more seedlings which explode once more after a short cooldown. This ability will be absolutely perfect for countering large groups of Champions and tearing them apart.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 12.04.53 am.png

The movement skill for Willo is known as Flutter which provides her with a rapid dash forward and upward. She is able to control her fall when the skill ends, as well as fire her Wand of Overgrowth. Her Ultimate skill, known as Fae Flight is quite amazing and unique among Paladins characters. Willo is able to fly, yes fly for a full 10 seconds, with no restrictions on her movement. She can go up, down, sideways, anyway a player desires, within the 10 seconds, and of course, she has access to the majority of her skills so she can rain death from above on a whole new scale.

While it does seem OP, it also puts Willo at the mercy of any and all long range Champions, being especially vulnerable to Kinessa. Willo will arrive in the realm with the implementation of Patch OB49. Hopefully, it will not take too long to arrive in consoles but PC players should get access to her soon.

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