Hands On With The Prey Demo

It is a couple days until Bethesda’s latest game Prey mimics its way until our hearts and minds. Bethesda released a demo for Prey that is available in both the Xbox and Playstation stores. It takes you through roughly the first half hour of the game and showcases some of the basic mechanics and tools you will use to survive.

The environments are quite clean and clear cut but when the shit hits the fan (as it always does in a Bethesda game, or most games) it is that same cleanness that makes it seem more alien and inhospitable.

Prey Gloo Gun

Without really spoiling the plot of the demo, or the start of the game, you will learn the basics of combat, which you start off with a wrench, which comes in handier than a pistol and you explore the Talos I space station. You will learn about the new skill customisation system put in place known as the Neuromod, which effectively injects new modifications and abilities directly into the brain through the ocular cavity…thats right, they stab several needles into your eye.

You will also come across unique enemies known as Mimics which are fast moving balls/tentacles of blackness that can assume the shape of anything and everything. Walk past a desk and that coffee cup can transform and attack, that gun you thought was going to protect you is now attempting to strangle you. Bethesda has crafted a game that keeps you on your toes and with its uniqueness will be something that players will want to explore every single centimetre of.

Prey is out now (at least in Australia) so it is time to fight off the invasion.

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