How To Synthesise Targets In Warframe

You may or may not have heard about a fun little game known as Warframe. This free to play third person shooter was released on March 25th 2013 and has been granted critical acclaim. I have started to get back into it and thought I would write a handy little guide as to how to synthesise certain targets while in the game.

First off synthesis is the conversion of a specialised target into pure energy so that the Cephalon Simaris can collect its data for his/its Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is kind of a vast database of all preserved knowledge. Synthesis comes to the forefront in the quest, The New Strange requiring you to synthesise 3 Elite Arid Lancers before Simaris will help you.

So in order to synthesise targets, you will first need to buy a Synthesis Scanner, which is done at any relay in the same room as Cephalon Simaris (Second Floor). Once you have done that, make sure it is equipped in the gear slot otherwise you will not have access to it during the mission.

Once inside the mission that your synthesis target is in, you will be informed by Simaris that it is near. You must then equip the Synthesis Scanner and use your aiming reticle to hunt for traces of your target. These are broken, glowing green lines that act as sort of a map to your target. You will only see these when your scanner is equipped.


Once you have discovered your target, they will have a series of glowing dots on them, as above. Simply aim your scanner at a circle and hold down the right trigger. This will charge up a little and if you are successful, one of the dots will be removed. Continue until they are all gone and the target will disappear. You have completed a successful synthesis.

But be warned, you must complete the mission itself for the synthesis to count and the synthesis target may not always be cooperative when you are trying to disintegrate them into data. Good luck.



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