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Destiny 2 Gameplay Reveal : New Story, New Subclasses And … Gary?

Today was a momentous day in the world of first person shooters. The reveal of Destiny 2 and all the new features coming to the next instalment. Without further ado lets get into it.


Destiny Traveler Leech.png

So here is how the story goes. One day Guardians are happily doing the stuff Guardians do, killing and reviving and the like. Next the Tower goes to absolute hell. Things are blowing up, stuff is on fire, fire is blowing up, the whole shebang. Turns out a Cabal Warlord known as Gary (aka Dominus Ghaul) has arrived in our system to take the Light of the Traveler for himself.

Ever since he was a heavily armoured little space turtle, Ghaul was raised with the belief that the Traveler chose the wrong species to gift with Light. He wants it for himself and his Red Legion, and humanity just happens to be in the way. His fleet launches a surprise attack on the Tower which involved our home for the last three years being rendered into a battlezone, which is awesome. It also blew up the microtransaction booth so fingers crossed those don’t exist anymore.

Essentially Gary utilises a giant robotic space parasite to latch onto the Traveler and sever the connection between the Traveler and Guardians themselves. All of them. It leaves the Guardians weak, confused and in many ways quite emotional. One of the beautiful things about the next instalment is how the Vanguard each react to the crisis. Commander Zavala starts wondering about his place in the world if he has no Light. Cayde-6 goes on a hero mission to defeat Gary in the typical Hunter fashion…alone, and subsequently gets captured. Ikora lets her rage take over and flees the Tower to go on her own journey. It is up to you, as the hero to find the members of the Vanguard and try and piece the world back together.

Ikora Soul Journey.png


Cayde-6 Golden Gun.png

If you haven’t yet seen the new subclasses then hold on to your Light Guardians because they are awesome. Since Gary has effectively cut off our connection to our Light, we are normal and bland, albeit with incredible combat skills. We need to relearn our super powers, and we presumably do that with the help of Tower outsiders (of which there are plenty).


The Sentinel is the Titan Void subclass which allows the Guardian in question to summon a large round shield that he can use to protect himself or other Guardians, much like the Ward of Dawn but with more mobility. It can also be used to bash in the skulls of your enemies or even thrown to hit multiple targets before coming back to your hands.


The Arcstrider is the Arc Hunter subclass that causes the Guardian to become like a crazy acrobat, but one charged with the power of a powerful electrical storm. The Arcstrider summons a mystical staff and with a series of twirls, backflips and forward slashes, decimates their foes. It is essentially a Bladedancer on cocaine.


The Dawnblade is the fiery Solar subclass for the Warlock that gives new meaning to the phrase fire Phoenix. Now gifted with the ability to fly, the Dawnblade summons a flaming sword and casts down waves of solar energy to decimate any foe caught in its blast. It can also be used to slam into the ground, excalibur style with deadly effect.

Even though we are being granted new subclasses it seems like the old subclasses will still be present in the game. This is due to seeing gameplay footage from the reveal, of a Titan using the Fist of Havoc on an unfamiliar planet. Not to mention the Vanguard using their chosen abilities constantly

Revamped Weapon Systems

Weapon Types.png

The weapon system has been revamped with the division of the guns into three types : being Kinetic Weapons, Energy Weapons and Power Weapons. The Power Weapons are the heavy hitters. Weapons such as Fusion Rifles, Sniper Rifles, and the newly unveiled Grenade Launchers and Chainguns.

Kinetic and Energy Weapon slots can equip the same type of weapon and is entirely responsive to the whims of the player. However they play, the new weapon system will reflect that.

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Above you can see some of the new exotic armour and weapons that are coming to Destiny 2, including the long-awaited Dubious Volley, a Rocket Launcher that fires concentrated blasts of sound.

They also revealed that the official Destiny 2 beta will be arriving at the end of Summer, or if you are Australian like I am, that’s the end of Winter. We will be back in the world we love soon Guardians.

Share your thoughts about Destiny 2 in the comments below.

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