Cancelled Now Renewed: What Does The Future Hold For Microsoft’s ‘Scalebound’

You may remember way back to January, where the decidedly original IP known as Scalebound was cancelled, due to recurring problems with the games engine and the detriment that the additional stress was causing the staff of Platinum Games.

Well as of a few days ago, Microsoft filed a second Trademark Electronic Application System for the Scalebound IP, which logically would lead fans of the game and others besides, to the conclusion that the game was being renewed. As of yet, there is no official word from Microsoft about whether the game is getting a second chance at life or if Microsoft is just holding onto the IP because they can and so no one else can have it.

Despite there being no official word, the renewal of the Scalebound IP is a great thing for the game, as it shows that all hope is not lost for the game. It may not be this year or even next year, but as technology continually develops, we may get a solution that will allow the creation and development of Scalebound on a mass market level. I for one, was incredibly excited when I first heard about the game and the announcement back at the start of the year was devastating, because who doesn’t want to control their own customisable dragon?

I will keep you posted when more details heat up the internet (that’s a fire joke. Get it…because Dragons.)

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