Halo Wars 2

‘Halo Wars 2’: Sergeant Johnson Is Back With New DLC

Everyone’s favourite UNSC soldier has come to Halo Wars 2, with a new DLC that launched for Xbox One today. Today the world of Halo gets back a legend, having lost Sergeant Johnson way back during the course of Halo 3 where he was killed by 343 Guilty Spark when trying to prematurely activate a Halo installation.

In this new DLC we are told that Johnson’s love and commitment to the UNSC have overcome the slight hiccup of being dead, and he is ready to serve with distinction once again. With him revived, we have a new Leader to guide us during the intense multiplayer matches and are granted some new units, most impressively the Combat Walkers.

New Units

This DLC also grants players some unique new powers that Johnson definitely had to pull some strings to get way out on the Spirit of Fire. The new EMP Mac Blast devastates the enemy from above and Mech Overcharge oils up the gears of his walkers to make them the most efficient death machines they can be.

However, one of the most battle-changing powers that has arrived with this new DLC, would have to be the advanced power, Digging in Deep, which allows Sergeant Johnson to construct any and all buildings within existing bases, entirely for free (minus turrets of course).

The Sergeant Johnson Leader DLC is available for a grand total of $9.95 Australian, and to bring back an old favourite, that’s not too hefty a price.

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