‘Destiny 2’ Is Finally Getting Dedicated Severs In A Way

It is that time of the week again folks and Bungie have released their latest blog post “This Week At Bungie”, and boy does it have some interesting information in it.

In a little back-and-forth interview by Deej with Destiny 2 Engineering Lead Matt Segur, Bungie revealed that each and every activity in the upcoming sequel will have a specific server to run it. This means no more host migration during Crucible or random disconnects every time you try and start up an activity.

However, in Destiny 2 Bungie have planned to use a hybrid of client-server and peer to peer technology, so not entirely dedicated servers but close enough and effective enough. They are even using new cloud servers for the upkeep and running of Destiny 2. This is exciting stuff people because Bungie has stated that while it is still possible for the irritating lag that we are all familiar with, to run rampant here and there, it should most be eliminated.

In their words, they are battling three main problems;

-To make the game responsive
-To make it accessible to players from all over the world
-To make the game fair for all





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