Prepare For Titanfall: ‘Titanfall 2’ Monarch DLC Is Coming

Respawn is keeping up its spree of amazing content known as ‘Monarch’s Reign’. This mostly free DLC features one of the greatest things any Titanfall 2 add-on could bring, and that’s a new Titan.

Among other things, what makes this DLC so spectacular is the arrival of the Monarch Titan, a devastating devil in red…armour plating. The Monarch was an attempt by the IMC to reverse-engineer the powerful Vanguard Titan, but with a few little improvements. So far the only details we have on this powerful new addition is that it can siphon off energy, from opposing Titans and use it to replenish the shields of allied Titans or itself. What was truly amazing is its Core ability, which is known as Upgrade Core. This allows the Monarch to fulfil a variety of combat roles by amassing upgrades in battle, chosen by the Pilot. The ultimate Titan for versatility.

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 3.35.12 pm.png

However, the Monarch’s Reign Trailer showed us so much more. And I’m not just talking about the amazing backing track and execution-y action! Well, maybe a little. In the style of Titanfall 2, we have a new execution coming, called ‘Now You See Me’, which combines a little of that old tap-on-the-shoulder-made-you-look, with cloaking and a knife to the face. It is actually the coolest thing and everyone should check it out (at the 0.15-second mark in the trailer).

We are also getting a remastered new map, known as Relic, which made its debut in the first game. Set around the downed IMC ship, The Odyssey, there are a variety of open spaces and tight corners to decimate your enemies on.

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 3.34.39 pm

Lastly, we are getting the final remaining Prime Titans of the original six. The Tone Prime and Ronin Prime have finally entered the Titanfall 2 store, and as a Ronin main, it is about time!

The Monarch’s Reign DLC will be released to the world on the 30th of May 2017 for the low, low price of …. free, minus the Prime Titans (those you pay for). Can’t wait to see you on the Frontier.

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