Ash The War Machine Has Advanced Her Way Into ‘Paladins: Champions Of The Realm

Paladins: Champions of the Realm really have the formula down for making interesting and fun characters. Meet Ash the War Machine, which Hi-Rez modelled after a female knight…however, I think she looks pretty punk, therefore, Ash the Punk Knight!

Breaking down the skills though, Ash is a formidable frontline that brings a different style of play to the game. A lot of frontlines already in Paladins excel at standing on the point and not moving, and while Ash does do that very well, she is also great at advancing onto a point. I’ll get to why in a second.

Ash Flak Cannon

Her weapon of choice is a flak cannon, known as her Burst Cannon, which is quite unique, as it delivers an area of effect blast, which is glorious! It has a middling range, which allows for Ash to deliver some pain to charging forces and make them re-consider an assault on the point. It’s Ash’s point now, just leave.

Her second ability is called Kinetic Burst, which feeds off her Burst Cannon. This ability supercharges and superheats the next round in her cannon, which is then fired in a frontal cone, meaning that it has greater coverage than a simple straight line. This then applies a significant knockback. I mean it’s going to be fun watching Champions get blasted off the map with this ability. So, so fun. Unless it’s me.

Ash Siege Shield

Every Frontline has to have some sort of shield, and remember when I said that she can move on a point quite marvellously? Meet her Siege Shield. This aesthetically pleasing wall of light is a 5000 health wall that slowly advances forward providing allies and Ash herself with roving cover. This allows your team to continue to attack through it while marching on a point or a payload, without too much fear of reprisal. Although this may prove to be a detriment when you are standing in the same area. No shield for you. The shield has stuff to do.

Next, we have Shoulder Bash, a delightful ability where Ash makes use of her larger size to bully and harass the opposing team. Ash lowers her shoulder and charges forward a pretty decent distance. If she hits an enemy player, they are dealt 800 damage and sent soaring through the sky (there’s a knockback is what I am saying). Not only that but it can also be used to rapidly cover the distance between Champions or even to escape from attacking players. A very versatile ability.

Ash Assert Dominance

Finally, we come to Ash’s ultimate which is known as Assert Dominance, and honey let me tell you…she asserts her dominance. Ash leaps forward and plants her banner/flag into the ground, applying a moderate amount of damage. That isn’t the good part though, as an aura of light spreads out preventing any damage being dealt to Ash for eight seconds. This does not heal her and will not spread to allies. But as long as Ash is within the circle created by Assert Dominance, her health will not drop, making her the pinnacle of unmovableness, and if used correctly, could turn the tides of battle.

There you have it guys, the latest Champion to arrive in Paladins: Champions of the Realm. She will be coming in Patch OB51, which hopefully won’t be too far away.

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