‘Destiny 2’ Lost Sector Dungeons Are Hand Crafted Pieces Of Playable Art

One of the most interesting and unique things that Destiny 2 will have to offer, among the entire spree of amazing content in that universe, are the Lost Sectors. These unique areas are special sections of the environment, discoverable dungeons that can be explored for a chance at amazing and powerful loot.

At the Destiny 2 reveal, we learned that Lost Sectors are challenging pieces of content that have a loot cache at the end of it. Unfortunately, this little bundle of joy and loot is locked, and the only holder of the key is a special miniboss that you or your fireteam must defeat. Once it lies dead in the dust, you may claim your prize.

Bungie has been paying a lot of attention to the new content in the game, with the world lead, Steve Cotton, letting slip that each and every Lost Sector is handcrafted, with each twist and turn to every enemy, mapped out!

There was a mix of excitement and anticipation that the Lost Sector dungeons would be procedurally generated, leading to some interesting but possibly vanilla locations. In a response to a question on Twitter, it was confirmed, in a rather suspicious fashion that the Lost Sectors would not be procedurally generated,

“Lost Sectors are not procedural they’re handcrafted. But I’m a really big fan of procedural possibilities. Could be cool ;)”

I don’t know what it is about that wink emoji but there is definitely something being cooked up at Bungie. Even though the Lost Sectors are handcrafted gems, there is something about the Destiny 2 universe that either already is, or will be procedurally generated.

Destiny 2 will be released for Xbox One and Playstation 4, on the 8th of September 2017. Fight Forever Guardians.

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