New Overwatch Content Is Arriving Soon: Is Another Hero Entering The Fight?

The anniversary event for Overwatch has been running quite successfully over the past few days and as it nears the end, a rather cryptic message has emerged on the official Overwatch Twitter account.

The rather vague message leads us to a press release that reveals the Horizon Lunar Colony that went offline has once again become operational. The colony was a holding and testing facility that dealt with genetic modifications to a series of gorillas, including Winston.

The in-game Lucheng Interstellar company was able to acquire copies of the colonies logs, shortly before it went offline. The logs reveal that a multitude of the genetically modified gorillas had escaped, including a specimen by the name of Hammond, who had been missing for a week, at the time of the logs.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 6.25.28 pm.png

The message logs were followed by this image that appears to be reminiscent of a new map that could be coming to Overwatch. I mean it has tight spaces for close quarters and open areas for wide-scale battle. Even the name of the colony seems ‘new-map-esque’, I mean Horizon Lunar Colony just sounds like it is a perfect fit.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 6.48.30 pm.png

There is also speculation surrounding this perplexing news update that a new character is going to be announced. One of the email logs, specifically mentions that Hammond has been missing, among other reports of weird happenings and sounds. On top of this, the image of the station itself (above), also has two notes on missing gorilla specimens, one being Hammond, and the other being Winston. We know that Winston was genetically modified and formed the Overwatch Division, so it is not a stretch to imagine that we will be getting another Overwatch character soon, possibly based off the gorilla design.

Hopefully, Blizzard will not wait too long to provide details about this puzzling message, and that Overwatch will get some new content after a considerable dry spell. If you wish to view the original breaking news update, you can access it here.




2 thoughts on “New Overwatch Content Is Arriving Soon: Is Another Hero Entering The Fight?

  1. Heard so many great things about this game. I’m officially adding it to my to-play list (why are games always so expensive?). Watched a friend of mine play this a couple of times and she’s completely obsessed, so I’m guessing this news will make her very, very happy. Loving your blog by the way, lots of great gaming content.
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